City Bike Checklist

October 03, 2018
City Bike Checklist
City Bike Checklist

Are you a bike commuter? In large cities across the country, getting to work on two wheels instead of four is becoming increasingly popular. Communities such as Portland, Oregon are also investing in more bike lane infrastructure for all riders. City biking is getting easier than ever. Whether you’re biking to work every day or just enjoy a ride to the farmer’s market on the weekend, you should stock up on these must-have bike accessories:

  1. Helmet

Many states (including California) only require bike helmets for riders 18 and under. Still, adults can benefit from wearing a safety helmet at all times. Wearing a helmet can reduce your risk of brain injury by up to 88% and make yourself more visible to drivers.  

  1. Eye Protection

Polarized sunglasses are better at deflecting glare than typical glasses, giving you better visibility as you ride. Consider a pair of these sunglasses to ensure you see all obstacles in the road and protect your eyes against straining to see.

  1. Lights

Some riders assume that they don’t need lights if they don’t plan on riding after dark. But lights are essential bike gear for all cyclists. Install front and rear lights for use on cloudy days, in heavy traffic, or in the rare event that your ride takes longer than expected and you don’t get home until just after sundown.

  1. Storage

City biking often includes stops along the way. Unlike riding along nature trails, an urban adventure could include a stop at a microbrewery or a brief intermission at a pop-up art sale. Commuters and leisure bikers should have storage on their bikes. Get a basket attachment or add a closed compartment on the back of your bike so you don’t have to juggle bags as you cycle.

  1. Patch Kit

Riding in the city could mean navigating construction sites, potholes, and other unexpected terrains. Having a tire patch kit in your bike storage could save your hide in a pinch. You may want to consider keeping a spare bike tube in your storage compartment if you have space.

  1. Fenders

Tire fenders protect you (and anyone riding right behind you) when you go through a puddle or over some loose gravel. Easy to install and affordable, fenders are a good accessory for any city commuter. You can also attach rear blinking lights to fenders for increased visibility.

Are you a city biker, or considering a daily bike commute? Start with the best bike riding equipment and you’re almost ready to hit the road. Consider one of our 3-speed bikes to manage the varied terrain of a city route; our Body Fit tools helps you find a ride that is designed with your body type in mind:

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