Can Electric Bikes Replace a Car | E-Bike Questions

April 27, 2021
Can Electric Bikes Replace a Car E-Bike Questions
Hey guys, Dustin here, CEO of sixthreezero. Today we're going to talk about, can an electric bike replace a car? Stick with us.

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All right, so let's answer this question. Can an electric bike replace a car? We are seeing an electric bike boom right now. In particular, during quarantine and COVID, more people moving out to rural areas, the suburbs staying closer to home, not needing cars as much. In particular, in the last year, cars not getting used nearly as much as they were in the past. There's been a big question around can electric bikes replace cars? I would say the short answer is no, they can't replace cars, but can electric bikes be a more primary form of transportation in the US? Yes.

Electric bikes, the reality of electric bikes is the capability of electric bikes is really expanding day by day. There's nothing an electric bike can't do that actually a car can do. The only thing, really, that an electric bike can't do is protect you from the elements. However, I've also seen the development of electric bikes with coverings, actual snap-on coverings, where it's a bicycle, but it has a roof on it to protect the rider from the weather and the elements. If you think about the majority of the usages of cars, bringing your kids places, running errands, going to the grocery store, to the beach, anytime you're bringing something with you, can an electric bike do that? Absolutely. I think the proper question is, is can an electric bike replace cars for trips under 10 miles? The answer is yes.

The reality is of most of the trips that we're doing under five miles under 10 miles, do we need a car? No, but our culture, particularly here in the US, has become very accustomed to getting in our car. Now in Europe, in particular, electric bikes are starting to replace cars. In China as well. They're having way more crowding, more dense populations, and they are turning to electric bikes and they are replacing cars. Electric bikes are actually taking a much bigger foothold, in particular in European culture, as a primary form of transportation. That's why you're seeing a lot of the e-bike designs out of Europe are very cargo-focused. Cargo, meaning they have front areas to put things, back areas to put things, places for kids to sit. When you're talking about trips under 10 miles, it's much more practical, efficient, cost savings, to ride an electric bike. On that end of it, the reality is, is yes, electric bikes can replace cars for under 10-mile trips.

Now, will it happen in the US? I will say before COVID hit, I think our culture was moving a lot slower in the direction of e-bikes and bike lanes and things of that nature. However, there has been a lot of movement into building more infrastructure to accommodate bikes since COVID. I think we are going to see an acceleration of that because now more of our culture has gone through a re-adoption of cycling, and in particular, electric bikes have brought a whole new group of riders into e-cycling, let's call it. I think we're going to see more and more that electric bikes do start to replace cars throughout people's normal lives.

I hope that helps answer the questions, can electric bikes replace cars?

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