Can A Baby Seat Be Installed On Any Bike Rack?

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March 22, 2019
Can A Baby Seat Be Installed On Any Bike Rack?

Hey guys, Dustin here, CEO, Sixthreezero Bikes. Want to talk to you today about baby seats, and I want to specifically answer the question of “Can a baby seat be installed on any bike rack?” This is a common question we get around baby seats. In another video, I'm going to address specifically how to install baby seats or what is required of installing baby seats, but today, right now, I just want to talk to you about baby seats and can they be installed on an existing rack.

And so, as an example, a lot of Sixthreezero bikes come already with back racks, and they're custom made to fit the bike, and they look a certain way. There's also lots of other bikes out there, different brands and things, that will come with a back rack, and so when you buy a baby seat they actually come with their own rack.
So, to answer the question, unfortunately, baby seats cannot be installed on existing racks on bikes or any rack that is not specifically made for that brand's baby seat. A lot of times, the particular company that makes the baby seat makes a particular rack that attaches only to their seat. Sometimes the baby seat would attach to maybe a rack like what's on the Sixthreezero bikes however I wouldn't authorize anybody to put a baby seat on a rack that comes on a bike even a Sixthreezero and here's why.
The racks in particular on our bike are not rated for the kind of weight that will be sitting in the seats generally speaking. Now, a lot of bike racks, ours included, are set up to hold about 10 pounds, but they're not really weighted for human weight, so under no circumstance would I recommend somebody to either sit on it or put a baby on top of that rack.
Now, the baby seat companies are actually rating weight, getting their racks rated for weight, and authorizing them for X amount of pounds that they can hold which makes them a lot safer. So, my suggestion, my recommendation is do not put a baby seat on a rack that is not made by the baby seat company and approved for a baby and a baby seat.
Unfortunately, it may change the look of your bike slightly. It might change the design of your bike slightly. There's other options. If you don't want to go with a baby seat on the rear, you can always go with a front mounted rack, so you don't touch the rear rack at all. You can leave it on the back and do a front mounted rack. We offer one particular company called IBERT. Sometimes people with younger children would prefer a front mounted rack because you can actually see your child, see what they're doing, things like that in the back. You're not going to be able to keep an eye on them, so it's up to you. Personal preference, whatever you feel safest with. Obviously, there's front and rear that exist that are approved that people are using safely now, so the choice is yours.
I hope that helps. Again, in another video, I'll address now how to install baby seats on bikes. What's required. Do they work on cruisers and do they work on Sixthreezero bikes? We'll talk about it in another video. If you have any other questions, or just want to reach out, please feel free to send us an email, the, or reach us by phone, (310) 982-2877.
Also, if you've installed a baby seat or you've put a baby seat on a rack that didn't come with the baby seat, go ahead comment below. Tell us what you're using as a baby seat, how you install it, and if this video was helpful, please like the video.
Also, check out all of our bikes up on the top navigation on our website. Go ahead, and you can browse our accessories and see the baby seats we actually carry and enter your body dimensions into our body fit calculator, and you can see what Sixthreezero bikes fit for you because at Sixthreezero we want to find a bike that fits everyone's body.

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Can A Baby Seat Be Installed On Any Bike Rack?