Buying Guide: The Best Front & Rear Bike Baskets for Carrying Anything

May 19, 2021
Buying Guide: The Best Front & Rear Bike Baskets for Carrying Anything
Buying Guide: The Best Front & Rear Bike Baskets for Carrying Anything

When it comes to carrying things on a bike, you are looking for two things: safety and security. Putting your items in a basket or carrying case allows your hands to be free to do what they should be doing: operating the handlebars, steering and braking. If you have ever tried to carry items in your hands while biking, you know that this isn't always possible, putting your safety at risk. You are also looking to make sure your items are secure and won't fall out onto the road and break, or even cause a danger to other riders.

What Will You Use Your Bike Basket For?

When looking for the best bike baskets, you will want to consider where you normally ride, what time of year or day you ride and what pursuits you enjoy. If you are like most people, you might want to carry a book to the beach, maybe some extra clothes or some snacks and a few other items. Of course, you might have an idiosyncrasy or two and might want to carry some disks for frisbee golf, a kite to fly or even a small pet. Make sure your basket can accommodate the items you love.  

When it comes to front bike baskets, at Sixthreezero we offer several choices. We have both wire baskets and wicker baskets, many of which are easy to put on and take off:

Once you calculate your needs, you can easily pick the right size basket. Most of the wicker baskets attach easily with leather straps and are made from high-quality and durable rattan materials. Not only do they look good, they also hold up well to daily use. They are available in adult and children sizes, and they come in many shapes and colors. While many of our bikes at Sixthreezero come with rear racks, you can also check out these rear bicycle baskets that can be added to your bike frame:

Our guide would not be complete with a mention of a few accessories to make your excursions more enjoyable and secure. The Cruiser Candy basket liner can adorn your basket, keep items more secure and even be used for a tote once you reach your destination. Bungee nets and cords, phone holders, cup holders and rear racks can also be added to your bike frame. 

If you are going on a long trip or have to carry several items for a commute, you can check out our panniers and bags. These will give you secure carrying capacity for larger items and even offer a degree of weather protection. They are perfect for a long day trip and even for overnighters.

How Do You Get the Most Out of Your Rides?

That is the key question we ask ourselves when picking products to carry. Bike baskets both front and rear are an essential element of enjoying the outdoors on a bike. There is always something you need, such as sunscreen, another layer or a snack to keep your attitude on the positive side. Without these items, your ride might not be everything it could be.

Our bike basket buying guide is intended to steer you in the right direction and give you some helpful tips. Baskets and other accessories do not cost a lot of money, but they can make a difference on your rides. Be sure to contact us at Sixthreezero for all of your biking needs.

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Buying Guide: The Best Front & Rear Bike Baskets for Carrying Anything