Buying Guide: 10 Must-Have Beach Cruiser Accessories

September 18, 2019
Buying Guide: 10 Must-Have Beach Cruiser Accessories
Buying Guide: 10 Must-Have Beach Cruiser Accessories

When the sun comes out and you have the day off, you know it’s time to dust off the ole’ cruiser. You can make some great warm-weather memories going up and down a boardwalk or lake-front path on your single speed bike. Hot tip: you don’t even have to live near the beach to get your kicks on a beach cruiser!

Cruisers are perfect for leisurely journeys up to about 20 miles. However, before you hit the road, make sure your bicycle is ready. Stock up on some of the best cruiser bicycle accessories, from lights and fenders to handlebar grips. Here are 10 accessories you can’t do without:

  1. Bells

Bicycle bells are fun for kids, but do you really need one as an adult? Turns out, yes! Imagine being in a bike lane and seeing a pedestrian walk in front of you. Yelling “Hey, Dummy!” takes longer than ringing a bell and is probably less effective. Bells can keep you and others stay safe on trails, paths, and roads. Bells sit on your handlebars within easy reach of your hand, so it only takes a few seconds to ring it when you need to. 

  1. Lights

Even if you only ride during the day, bike lights are an important accessory. When its overcast, raining, or you’re on a crowded street – a headlight helps people see you. Lights also keep you more visible at sunset, when the sun often gets in motorists’ eyes. Bonus: if you’re on a dim trail, your headlight helps you spot any obstacles ahead. Consider getting a light for the front of your bike and another one for the rear; depending on where you live, you may be required to install multiple lights on your bike to ride on city streets. 

  1. Panniers

One of the other beach cruiser accessories we love is a pannier bag. These bags hang over either side of your bicycle and can be filled with lots of stuff. Bring a snack along for your neighborhood ride, load up purchases from the farmers market, or pack a blanket for a trip to the park. Try to distribute the weight of your belongings evenly between the two sides, so your bike won’t naturally lean to one side while you’re riding your cruiser bike. 

  1. Fenders

Riding in the spring and summer can be splashing through a lot of puddles. In the winter, melting snow and salt will kick up and hit your tires. Fenders protect your wheel spokes from chunks of ice and other debris. Tires that get bogged down in water, ice, or rocks don’t tend to have a long lifespan. While fenders don’t ward off all moisture or debris, they certainly help. Wipe down your fenders and tires when you get home after a long ride in wet or dirty conditions. 

  1. Water Bottle Cage

Remaining hydrated while you cycle is the key to safe riding. Most adult riders should drink about 20 ounces of water for every hour they ride. A water bottle cage provides a place to store your water bottle where it’s easy to grab on the go. The condensation can drip down the side, so your water bottle can sweat instead of collecting water at the bottle of a cup holder. 

  1. Grips 
You’re just on a casual trip around the neighborhood, not a cross-country race. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need some accessories that improve your performance. Grips are one of the top cruiser bicycle accessories because they make it easier to maintain control of your handlebars. Your hands won’t slip, making it easier to navigate switchbacks and flat straightaways alike. 
  1. Baskets

Whatcha got in your basket? You can bring tomatoes home from the market or stop at a beach shop for a new towel. Baskets on the front or rear of your bicycle make your bike more functional. Now you can use it as transportation on errands and not just on leisure rides for fun. Some baskets are covered, so you don’t have to worry about your stuff going flying while you’re on an incline. 

  1. Patch Kits

Some accessories are about function, not fun. Enter patch kits. These emergency kits help you repair your bicycle in a pinch. If you’re far from home and you get a flat tire, these kits help you fix punctures on the fly. You should still replace or repair your tire more fully when you get home, but a patch kit means you won’t have to walk your bicycle back. 

  1. Self-Sealing Tubes

Did you know that when you’re filling your tires with air you’re actually filling the inner tube? Flat tires often result from the tube popping or deflating. Self-sealing tubes can help you avoid the nightmare scenario of being stranded far from home. These tubes seal themselves when they experience a puncture or tear. You should still keep a patch kit on hand, but you may not need it if your tube can heal itself!

  1. Mirrors

Observing regular traffic rules keeps everyone safe when you’re not cycling on wide- open terrain. Using mirrors, you can see when it’s safe to merge into traffic and when another cyclist is approaching you on a bike trail. On some trails, cyclists are required to yield to other pedestrians or vehicles, and mirrors help you see when you need to pull over to the side of the trail and wait. 

Are you ready to upgrade your cycling experience? Custom beach cruiser accessories make your ride safer and more functional. Adding fenders, baskets, and more to your bike means you can keep your bike in better condition and use it instead of your car to run errands. At sixthreezero, we have tons of bike accessories for cyclists of all skill levels.

Now that your beach cruiser is equipped with the best accessories, you’re ready to start going on more exciting adventures. Join our Journey Club to uncover biking locations around the world and connect with other cyclists.

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Buying Guide: 10 Must-Have Beach Cruiser Accessories