Biking Your Way Through Orlando

December 13, 2018
Biking Your Way Through Orlando
Biking Your Way Through Orlando

Orlando is famous for being home to the House of Mouse, but wait, there’s more! If your legs aren’t jelly from spending 10 hours at an amusement park (or you decide to skip the theme parks altogether), some of the best Florida bike trails await. There are trails for beginners, intermediate riders, and experts who are up for a challenge. Despite being an urban area, there is even plenty of wildlife and open spaces to keep you company. Here are three places to get your cycle on when you’re visiting one of Florida’s busiest cities:

  1. West Orange Trail

Distance: 21 miles

The West Orange Trail owns almost 21 miles of pathway throughout the county, weaving in and out of both urban and suburban areas. It’s one of the top biking trails in Florida not only because of how easy it is to navigate but also because of how many interesting sites there are along the way. You can stop at the Plant Street Market, The Butterfly Garden at Tildenville Outpost, and the outdoor art exhibits that have been placed along the route.

  1. Urban Bike Trail

Distance: 2.6 miles

If spotting wildlife while you’re out and about on your two-wheeled chariot is a top priority, the short Urban Bike Trail is a great option. It takes you around Loch Haven Park, Lake Estelle, and Lake Rowena. You may see turtles, blue herons, and other cool creatures if you keep your eyes peeled as you traverse the paved trail. There is also a science center in Loch Haven Park at the north end of the trail where you can see all sorts of cool stuff.

  1. South Lake - Minneola Scenic Trail

Distance: 13 miles

Eventually, the South Lake Trail will meet the West Orange Trail to create one monster cycling experience in the city. But the current trail is still an exhilarating and beautiful ride all on its own. You’ll pass Lake Minneola and Clermont Waterfront Park along the way and find yourself amidst towering trees and green lawns. If you’re tired, there are places at the local parks to sit for a picnic or recline while you rehydrate. You can even fish off the local shores.

Are you ready to hit the trails on your bike in Florida? While your family is scarfing down yet another hot dog at a local theme park you can be sailing across one of the many paved trails in the area. At sixthreezero, we have all the gear you need to make your journey easy and fun. Try out one of our beach cruiser bikes, which are great for riding in the city:

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Do you want to find new and exciting places to take your bike on an adventure? Exploring Orlando is just the beginning. Join our Journey Club to uncover new biking locations around the globe and connect with other cyclists.

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Biking Your Way Through Orlando