Biking Venice To Santa Monica: Where To Stop Along The Way

December 13, 2018
Biking Venice To Santa Monica: Where To Stop Along The Way
Biking Venice To Santa Monica: Where To Stop Along The Way

Southern California is not wanting for beachside activities; even a passing look at Los Angeles proves that locals and tourists alike gravitate west. If you want to avoid the congestion of LA traffic (and why wouldn’t you?) getting between beach communities is more easily achieved on two wheels. The Marvin Braude Bike Trail – also known as The Strand – delivers a quick 4-mile route between places like Venice and Santa Monica. If you decide to make the trek between these two communities, here are some places to stop along the way:

Annenberg Community Beach House

Not long after you depart from Venice, you’ll have the chance to stop at this public beach house. There is no membership required to take advantage of the splash pad, swimming pool, volleyball courts, and other amenities. You can even hop on the free wi-fi. This is one of the most relaxing pit stops you can make while biking to Santa Monica.

Palisades Park

This 26-acre park is adjacent to the community beach house. You can peruse it on your bike or (literally) stop to smell the roses at the rose garden. The park also has concrete sculptures, a picnic area, and an art lab. After getting lost here for a while, you can just hop back on The Strand and continue your journey south.

The Bungalow

Bike riding to Santa Monica may not be a particularly long journey, but you should still stop to refuel along the way. The charming restaurant also has a game room and outdoor seating. The Bungalow is located near the intersection of Ocean Avenue and Wilshire Boulevard, and opens at noon on the weekends. During the week the beachfront eatery opens for dinner.

Santa Monica Pier

No trip to Santa Monica is complete unless you stop at the historic pier. Not only is the people watching first class, but there are lots of things to do. You can grab a snack, do yoga, or ride the historic carousel. Nearby the Santa Monica Aquarium offers the chance to see some of your favorite ocean creatures up close without having to get your feet wet.

Venice to Santa Monica biking is fun, easy, and fast. Stopping along the way will turn what is typically a 20-minute adventure into an all-day itinerary. Not only will your route hug the ocean the entire way, but you’ll bypass the notorious Los Angeles traffic. While everyone else is white-knuckling their steering wheel you’ll be cruising along the Pacific Ocean. Beach cruisers are the perfect bike for flat paved rides along the beach. Check out two of our popular bikes for your next trip between Los Angeles beaches:

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Do you want to find new places to take your bike on an adventure? Your jaunt from Venice to Santa Monica is just the start. Join our Journey Club to uncover new biking locations around the globe and connect with other cyclists.

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Biking Venice To Santa Monica: Where To Stop Along The Way