Biking To Work In Los Angeles

September 05, 2018
Biking To Work In Los Angeles
Biking To Work In Los Angeles
The City of Angels is also the city of traffic. If you’re moving west from bike-friendly cities like New York or Boston, the reliance on personal cars over bikes and pedestrian walkways may be a difficult adjustment. About half of the trips Angelenos make outside of their home are less than 3 miles, and yet they use a car to get there 86% of the time. If you want to flip the script, consider swapping out your car’s Fast Pass for a helmet and one of our sixthreezero cruiser bikes. Here are some tips for making it from home to work and back again on two wheels in a city known for highway congestion and 2-hour commutes.


Safety First

Getting equipped with the right gear is important in a city like LA. With so few people (only about 1%) commuting to work on bikes, people may not expect to see a bike on their morning drive into the office. While California doesn’t require bikers over the age of 18 to wear a helmet, it’s still a good idea to wear one. You can also equip your bike with Monkeylectric Monkey Lights, which strap onto the spokes and keep you visible in any weather conditions. Lights also keep you safer on the road after the sun starts to set or during pre-dawn rides into work.

Finding a Route

Los Angeles is expanding its available bike lanes/paths (bikers can find the full map here). The Rail to River project will connect Inglewood to the Los Angeles River and new train lines are being built with accompanying bike lanes. For instance, the Expo line expansion to Santa Monica also includes a pedestrian path. On top of these pathways, the city of Los Angeles permits bikers to ride on the sidewalk so long as they do so responsibly and without causing harm to walkers. Make sure though to check the laws in surrounding LA County cities before riding on the sidewalk.

Los Angeles is home to some of the biggest urban hills in the state, making it easy to build up a major sweat on just a short ride. Women’s cruiser bikes that allow for smooth sailing on the boardwalk are better suited for commutes without huge hills. A cruiser bike with gears will make managing varying terrain easier.

Using Bike Hubs

Los Angeles is seeing an influx of bike hubs. If you work near Hollywood and Vine or Union Station, you can park your bike in the hub and access it 24/7. For commuters who want to take their bikes to work but don’t have a good place to store their cycle in a small office – bike hubs offer a good solution.

Commuters have a range of bike options. Make your way to work on the sidewalk riding a sixthreezero Teal Single Speed Women's 26" Beach Cruiser Bike or hit the hills en route to the office on a sixthreezero Teal Seven Speed Explore Your Range Bike.

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Biking To Work In Los Angeles