Biking Stanford University Campus

December 14, 2018
Biking Stanford University Campus
Biking Stanford University Campus

Some of the brightest minds in the world study at Stanford, and cycling can only improve their memory capacity. Cycling is also great for stress relief, making it an especially great way to zoom to class. Stanford bike riding is so incredible that the school has been awarded multiple awards from the League of American Bicyclists. You’ll find ample bike lanes, trails, and roundabouts all across campus. Here are some tips for making the most of your cycling experience at Stanford:

Take Advantage of Safety Training

Stanford offers free weekly safety training for the entire Stanford biking community. It’s recommended that you take this class as soon as you arrive on campus, but you can also take the class in lieu of paying certain citations. Never learned to ride a bike or feel like you could use some pointers? The school also offers instruction for how to ride through the campus Bicycle Coordinator.

Register Your Bike on Campus

All bikes on campus must be registered with the school and have a valid California bike license. Bikes are registered through the Parking & Transportation Services office (340 Bonair Siding) for a $5.00 fee; the sticker you obtain will be good for your entire time at Stanford. Registering your bike is the only way to possibly get your bike back if it is ever lost or stolen.

Use Maps to Find the Fastest Route

Navigating your way through campus on your bike is a lot easier when you use the official bikeways map. The map not only shows various routes for getting to and from different buildings – but it also helps you find the nearest bike repair stand, bike locker compound, or bike cage. The school also offers public showers in case you work up a sweat getting to campus.

Follow Rules of the Road

When you’re biking on campus, you’re still responsible for following California bike law. For instance, you can’t talk on your phone unless it’s hands-free (and you’re not allowed to have both earbuds in at once while in transit). The maximum speed limit in most areas on campus is 10 mph unless otherwise noted. Cyclists must stay off of sidewalks, and you are expected to stay off of all landscaped areas with your bike. You should also become familiar with the standard hand signals for turning and stopping so you can alert other vehicles to your movements.

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Biking Stanford University Campus