Biking In The Hamptons: Our Top 5 Bike Trails

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April 26, 2018
Biking In The Hamptons: Our Top 5 Bike Trails

Biking in The Hamptons is an ideal way to get some exercise and soak up beauty. The Hamptons feature mostly flat trails that beginners can easily enjoy. Some of the best bike trails in The Hamptons will give you a little challenge, but not enough to make you miss a great view.

If you’re looking for the top summer bike trails for a visit this upcoming season, or just a good year-round trail, all of the following should please: 

  1. Northwest Woods

The shady and quiet roads of The Hamptons’ Northeast Woods means you can have a mellow and peaceful ride. This is many riders’ go-to area as it offers a long but enjoyable 12-mile journey starting in East Hampton Village and commencing at the Sag Harbor Marina. Northwest Woods isn’t usually filled with many cars, so you may have the roads to yourself quite a bit. But they’re narrow, so keep to the side and make sure you ride single file if you’re in a group. It’s better to be safe. You can stop in Sag Harbor to shop or window shop, and to view the big and beautiful yachts.

  1. Shelter Island

Shelter Island is a relaxing escape that’s ideal for a morning bike ride. The 8,000-acre oasis situated between Eastern Long Island’s North and South Forks is also perfect for a Hamptons bike tour, so join up with other riders or start your own riding group if you want to discover the scenic area with like-minded people. There are many shaded roads and unspoiled nature preserves to view. The grand waterfront homes are a sight to see as well.

  1. East Hampton Ride to Montauk Point

If you’re up for a challenge, make the 40-mile there-and-back trek from East Hampton to historic Montauk Point. Weekend cyclists especially love this ride that goes through Amagansett on mostly flat but sometimes hilly terrain. Our hybrid bicycles for salelike our EVRY journey are perfect for this ride. You’ll want a bike with a few gear options to get to you Montauk Lighthouse, which sits in Long Island’s eastern-most point. On your adventure, stop in the village and have a drink in one of the cool boutique hotels.

  1. Hither Hills State Park

This ride is not technically a Hamptons ride, but its close by and it’s a favorite among riders vacationing in the area. The park has several winding dirt paths that will take you through woodlands and it provides ample opportunities for short little ½-mile rides. You can ride for an hour or all day here. There are also some great spots for you to get off of your bike and walk to the beach.

  1. Wildwood State Park

More than 600 acres of stunning, lush and undeveloped forest are the highlight of Wildwood State Park, along with miles of dirt riding trails. These trails are family-friendly, with the shortest coming in at a little more than 1 mile and the longest hitting 4 miles. There are so many trails, and mix-and-match options for trails in Wildwood State Park that you can visit over and over again and enjoy a new adventure with each trip. Be sure to make your way to the bluffs overlooking Long Island Sound. Our cruiser bikes for trail riding are perfect for this ride.

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Biking In The Hamptons: Our Top 5 Bike Trails