Bike Clothing: What To Ride In During The Summer

September 17, 2019
Bike Clothing: What To Ride In During The Summer
Bike Clothing: What To Ride In During The Summer

Suns out, bikes out… isn’t that how the saying goes? Well, it should! When the days are long and the temperature is nice, there’s no place better to be than sailing across open terrain on your bike. 

But warmer temperatures mean your winter bike wardrobe of leggings and fleece won’t cut it. What does trail and road biking apparel look like in summer? Here are some ideas: 

Features to Look for in Summer Gear

Tanks, shirts, shorts, and pants are all available for summer riding. Where do you begin? Keep your eyes peeled for biking clothing with the following designs:

  • Built-In Sun Protection: Some bike clothes have built in sun protection. In addition to wearing sunscreen on your face, neck, arms and writs, look for clothing aimed at keeping rays at bay.
  • Moisture Wicking Fabrics: You’re bound to sweat under the summer sun. Moisture wicking materials are ones that pull moisture away from your body. Instead of absorbing your sweat and weighing you down, these fabrics retain very little water. Polyester is one common moisture wicking material.
  • Padded Liners: Summer rides are often longer than cold winter journeys. Because you’ll be on your seat for longer, consider pants or shorts with a padded liner to help you go the extra mile. 

Types of Apparel for Summer Riding

Now, which styles of clothing are best for a summer bike ride? T-shirts and jeans are fine for a short trip up the boardwalk, but if you’re serious about traveling farther, they might not work. Here are some clothing options that are great for summer cycling:

  • Panel Bike Shorts: Bike shorts with multiple panels tend to be more comfortable. Shorts with six to eight panels are specifically designed so that you don’t need to adjust them while you’re riding – they won’t bunch or twist. 
  • Bike Jerseys: Bike jerseys for men and women are also a good choice for summer rides. They are form fitting and reduce drag, and they’re usually made of Lycra or another moisture wicking fabric. 
  • Mesh Tops: Mesh helps your skin breathe when the going gets tough and sweaty. These tops are lightweight and allow plenty of air flow. Get a short sleeve mesh top, and you won’t overheat on steep inclines. 

Finding the right biking wear for summer riding is half the battle. You also need bicycle accessories – and sixthreezero can help. From water bottle holders so you always stay hydrated to fenders that protect you against rain puddles, you can personalize your bike with just a few clicks. And then there’s finding the bike of your dreams. Whether you’re in the market for a men’s or women’s bike, you’ll find what you need at sixthreezero. Because what good is looking the part in a new bike jersey if your wheels suck?

With the right bike apparel on your back (and your tush), you’re ready to tackle some trails. Join our Journey Club to uncover biking locations around the world and connect with other cyclists.

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