Bike Accessories: The Most Popular in 2019

February 12, 2019
Bike Accessories: The Most Popular in 2019

sixthreezero's Top Rated Bike Accessories

Our number one bike accessories tried and true, year in, year out are our front baskets. 50% of our riders say that they love to put some form of a basket on their bike, albeit usually in the front.

Most common is the wire front basket. A wire basket is great because it mounts to either the axle or the head tube. It can support a lot of weight, is durable, painted, and won't rust. It has plenty of room to fit all of your items.

The next most preferred basket from our woman riders is our front wicker basket. Without a doubt, it looks great on any of our sixthreezero bikes. This is because its brown hue offsets the brown frame color nicely.

Another popular bike accessory is fenders. Most of our bikes come with fenders, but some don't. The ones that don't, people love to put the fenders on their wheels for the classic look. It also prevents water splash up if you ride in an area that tends to have a lot of rain and puddles. As a result, fenders are great to have to protect your clothing from excess water.

Seats and Cupholders: Customize Your Ride

Moving downwards, the next accessory is the seat. Many riders opt to change the color of their seat. Generally when purchased bike seats are often white, brown, or a black. Believe it or not, the choice of seat is something very important to sixthreezero riders.

Moving down the list, I would say a bell. Of course, who doesn't want to have a bell? It's a frequent accessory purchase because it's inexpensive and adds a nice touch. Plus you come up behind someone you can give them a little ring, ring, to let them know that you're coming up fast. So that's always fun.

After that, we have cup holders. That's a popular bike accessory people love, especially the recreational riders. It's a convenient place to store a drink for cruises around the neighborhood or by the beach. Especially if you want to keep it cold. Some of the ones we offer have insulation. So throw your tin can in there and you're off and riding.

Other Notable Bike Accessories From sixthreezero

Moving after that, there are some other things we sell. None as popular as the ones mentioned before. We offer our surfboard racks, rear bags, and lights as well. So, lights are actually another common one after bells. Our riders tend to not do as much night riding. As a result for us, lights aren't as popular as they might be for some other bike brands or bike stores. This because a lot of road cyclists may ride early in the mornings.

And as you know some mornings can be dark out if you're up early enough. Hence light is a great addition whether its early morning or they're riding late into the night. Again, usually, our cyclist rides in the daylight hours, but we do sell front and rear lights. which important. There's a slew of other accessories that exist on the market, but that wraps it up for our most popular items.

The Latest Bike Accessory Trends of 2019

In 2019, I'm seeing a lot of cool new bicycle trends coming out. The integration of technologies is becoming prevalent in bike accessories. Some things I've seen that have done a good job with technology are in the light category. If you're interested I would check out This site is a haven for up-and-coming startup businesses. The bike lights featured do some cool things that attach to the wheels and stay balanced when riding. There's also a GPS technology coming out that can go on your bike. This offers integrated ways of tracking your mileage and navigating your riding path.

The best way to get a bike accessory from sixthreezero is to first customize it on our website. If you haven't seen it, and have already bought a bike from us, but didn't buy bike accessories, you can still come back and visualize how they will look on your bike. Our customizer allows you to build the bike how you want it. That way you can see it before buying it. You can mix and match baskets, bells, locks, and much more.

If you want a more extensive selection of accessories there are couple websites to visit. The first one is Now, that's not open to consumers, but we are a supplier of them. They have a lot of different bike accessories that you can choose from. If there's something you see that you like that we currently don't offer on the site, let us know. We can either manufacture it ourselves, or we can buy from them a manufacturer for you. That's a good place to get an idea and see how many different bike accessories exist.

Why Buy Accessories From sixthreezero

The advantage of buying from us is that you are able to make sure that what you are buying fits your bike. Part of it is that not every bike accessory will fit every single bike. It depends on your frame and attachment points. So, if you are gonna shop for bike accessories outside of sixthreezero, that's great too. In that event, I would recommend you shoot us an email or give us a call. This way you can confirm if an attachment you buy will work on your sixthreezero bike. Another perk is that a lot of accessories from all different types of brands will fit our bikes. We understand that you want to be certain if there is a size involved with a certain accessory. This is why we're happy to answer the questions for you if it will or won't work.

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