Bicycling Bucket List Guide

December 05, 2018
Bicycling Bucket List Guide
Bicycling Bucket List Guide

Going the long way to the neighborhood park not doing it for you anymore? No matter how vast and exciting your hometown may be, it’s always good to expand your horizons. As your skills as a cyclist grow – why shouldn’t your resume? There is no shortage of trails and paths around the world just begging you to show up with two wheels and a lot of adrenaline. Here are some locations that belong on any bucket list for cyclists:

Robinson Canyon, California

One of the top destinations for a cyclist’s bucket list is relatively close to home for American bikers. Carmel-by-the-Sea is a brilliant vacation destination for lots of reasons, not the least of which is this nature-rich canyon. Along your 60-mile journey, you’ll weave through redwoods, along serene country landscapes, and witness striking vistas.

Tuscany, Italy

The wine, the bread, and the cheese… oh, the cheese. These are some of the reasons people tend to flock to Tuscany. Rent a bike while you’re in this famous Italian destination and you can take a 13-mile ride with a wine tour company. You’ll pass olive groves and UNESCO World Heritage sites alike.

Cabot Trail, Canada

Cape Breton Island isn’t exactly on the way to anywhere, but Travel + Leisure Magazine has called it one of the globe’s must-see islands. You’ll find the Cabot Trail here, which spans 185 miles or so and can be tackled in several days if you’re an experienced biker. The lush forest, ocean views, and crisp air all make this trail worth working up to.

Easter Island

What Easter Island lacks in size it makes up for in reputation, most of it tied up in its extraordinary archeological finds. The Chilean territory is home to world-famous Moai Stone Statues. It also happens to be one of the best places to cycle in peace. There is a notable lack of cycling crowds here, where you can see some of the world’s oldest archeological wonders and swells of intense crashing waves in a single afternoon.

Majorca, Spain

Some of the world’s top cyclists train on Majorca, a stunning island off the coast of Spain. You’ll cross hillside terrain, pedal up mountainside trails, and sail across quiet plains during your journeys. You may even run into fellow riders participating in an all-inclusive camp through the mountains. In between rides, ocean side tapas and slow Sunday strolls await.

Every cyclist should have a bucket list. If you’re not reaching for one of these dream rides you’re not giving yourself enough credit! Start training now on a new bike and you never know where your pedaling legs could take you. Check out the sixthreezero hybrid bikes for sale and comfort bikes for sale, which are great for taking you around local streets and paths until you make it to an exciting overseas destination.

Do you want to find new places to take your bike on an adventure? Join our Journey Club to uncover new locations around the globe for all types of cyclists.

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Bicycling Bucket List Guide