Bicycles For Men Who Commute In A Suit

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January 15, 2019
Bicycles For Men Who Commute In A Suit
Bicycles For Men Who Commute In A Suit

Making your way to the office on two wheels has its benefits, but you will have to forfeit the luxury of hanging your jacket in the backseat. Fortunately, some of the best bikes for men are also good for men who commute in a suit. Let’s take a look at three of the bikes found on the sixthreezero site that make it possible to get to work without scuffing up your pants or sweating through your collar.

Explore Your Range

The Explore Your Range bike model is good for a commute that includes trails. It’s built with uphill treks in mind and it can handle a ride of 20 minutes or more without issue. Riders up to 6’4” tall will be comfortable traveling to the office on this hybrid, which has seven speeds and is ideal for both urban and suburban rides. The click-on attachment points mean you can add a basket or locked box to the back of your bike and bring your computer or another outfit along.

Ride in the Park

The Ride in the Park is one of our comfort men's bicycles. It’s great for commutes between 10 and 30 minutes and it’s also built for speed. Riders up to 6’1” tall can take this bike to work and not get uncomfortable, and it even handles hills even though it’s built for paved and easy terrain. The dual-spring seat is super comfortable and the frame is ergonomic – which is code for “you don’t have to slouch over in your suit to pedal it.” The look of this design is pretty retro, so you can roll up looking cool even if you’re wearing a backpack.

Pave n’ Trail

As the name suggests, this bike can handle it all. If you want to commute during the week but take it to the trails on the weekend – you’ve met your match. This bike can easily take you on a daily commute of 20 miles or more and it has a firm seat. Other qualities of the design include a lightweight frame, hybrid tires, and accessory points for personalizing your ride. This is among the most versatile bikes for commuters; it will last for years and you can ride it aggressively when you’re running late because it’s built for speed.

Searching through men’s bicycles for sale might leave you scratching your head. It’s hard to tell what will be both comfortable and functional for a commute. When you’re riding to work in a suit, you want a design that makes it easy to carry your briefcase and jacket, won’t make you sweat, and can handle a quick stop so you won’t get splashed by a puddle you couldn’t avoid. At sixthreezero, we have the best bicycles for men who are biking to work.

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Bicycles For Men Who Commute In A Suit