Best Cars And Car Accessories For Transporting Cycling Bikes

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May 26, 2017
Best Cars And Car Accessories For Transporting Cycling Bikes
Best Cars And Car Accessories For Transporting Cycling Bikes

Taking your cycling bikes out for a journey means you can explore farther than your neighborhood. That’s the good news. On the other hand, you’ll need a good car to transport your bikes – and that can cause a bit of stress. You don’t want your brand new bicycle unsecured on the freeway. And figuring out how to get bikes inside SUVs can feel like figuring out a complicated puzzle.

The best cars for cyclists are equipped with integrated bike racks so you know the rack is totally secure and ready to hit the road on day one. Of course, you’ll also want some durable accessories that make your cycling experience great, too. Here are a few of the best vehicles for bike racks as well as some great accessories for cyclists once you get where you’re going:

Top Cars for Carrying Cycling Bikes

Cars with integral bike racks are a blessing for cyclists on the go. Whether you want to explore a nearby state park or go on a long road trip and stop to cycle along the way, knowing your car can safely transport your bike is essential to a successful journey. Learning how to transport a bike in an SUV may not be necessary if you have a great roof or rear bike rack.

Here are some cars that are known for being bike-friendly. If you get your hands on one of these rides, getting your bike from point A to point B will be stress-free and fast:

Mercedes E-Class Estate

The Mercedes E-Class Estate is an all-around fantastic car for long road trips. It features a beautiful cabin for a comfortable riding experience, and it offers a large trunk to haul gear. Bike-specific options that cyclists love include a roof rack that can carry up to 4 cycling bikes and a rear-mounted bike carrier to take 3 more.

Honda Civic Tourer

Honda’s Civic Tourer is a practical car that balances nice handling with a large trunk and hatchback. There’s a storage space under the floor too, to carry extra tires and equipment. Roof rails are standard on this vehicle and crossbars are an option. Small cycles are easily tucked away in back in a “magic seat” system that works by flipping up the rear seats.

Land Rover Discovery Sport

Cyclists love the Land Rover Discovery Sport because it’s seriously capable as an off roader and it has tons of cabin and trunk space, enough to fit a driver and 6 passengers along with a couple of bikes. Accessories on this car include bike racks and a convenient tow-bar mounted carrier.

Ford S-Max

The Ford S-Max fits into that “practical car” category, offering enough space for people and plenty of belongings in a nice, but not fancy, interior. Rear seats fold flat to give you a spacious trunk area that becomes even roomier if you fold down the middle seats too. The Ford S-Max provides options for a folding rear carrier, which can carry 2 extra bikes, and a cross bar for hauling 2 more (with the required roof rack).

Toyota Prius V Two

Toyota’s Prius V Two is roomier than many people think, offering a great amount of space once the rear seats are folded down. You can cram a bike and gear inside, and put more cycling bikes on the roof rack system (optional). The Prius V Two is an amazing vehicle for long hauls, as it gets nearly twice the gas mileage as most of the cars on our list.

Subaru Outback 2.5i Premium

This sporty car has a huge interior and enough ground clearance to make it the ultimate off-road passenger vehicle. It’s an all-wheel drive, offering near-monster-truck possibilities in a light hatchback car. Store your bikes inside and on the roof rack.

Accessories for Cycling Bikes

Not only do cyclists care about which cars can carry their bikes, but they also care about what their bikes can carry. But then you already knew that! Did you know sixthreezero has an array of bike accessories to make your ride great once you arrive at your destination? Our baskets and rear racks make it easy to bring a picnic basket or other goodies on your ride. You’ll never be without your backup snacks or a change of clothes again!

Here are two of our favorite accessories for bikes that make your ride more comfortable and convenient:

Beach Cruiser Basket

This cute beach cruiser basket comes with several options for basket liners from Cruiser Candy. Add life to your bike by choosing from various colorful prints and fun patterns, and have someplace handy to store snacks and necessities.

Sunlite Gold Tech Lite Rear Rack with Struts

The SunLite Rear Rack is a perfect addition to any cruiser. It looks great and it adds functionality, with a spring retention system that can easily hold items up to a total of 45 pounds.

At sixthreezero, we have a ton of different bike and accessory options for all types of cyclists. Whether you’re new to biking and off to the beach or you are a pro cyclist headed to the mountains, we have a bike that’s right for you (and will fit on any standard car rack so it’s easy to transport).

Wondering which bike to carry in your new car and outfit with fresh accessories? Our Teal Cruiser is a popular choice for beach jaunts, and our ExploreYourRange cycle is ideal for trips that will take you on city and open roads. You can also use our BodyFit tool to find the right bicycle based on your body type and go from there. Our accessories range from baskets and side bags to bells and fenders!


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Best Cars And Car Accessories For Transporting Cycling Bikes