Best Biking Trails In Danville, CA

September 11, 2019
Best Biking Trails In Danville, CA
Best Biking Trails In Danville, CA

Visiting the Tri Valley area is a nice reprieve from the busier streets of San Francisco and Oakland. Just east of these metropolises, the suburban terrain of the Tri Valley has tons of vineyards and a lot of parkland. It’s also a primo destination for people interested in the great outdoors. Biking around Danville is fun for newbies and experts alike – here are five of the best biking trails in the area: 

  1. Iron Horse Trail

Distance: 20.2 miles

The Iron Horse Trail is over 30 miles in total, but the portion nearest Danville offers a 20-mile round-trip excursion. Leaving from downtown Danville, it’s just over 10 miles to the Dublin BART station. The trail used to be a railroad and offers plenty of pitstops along the way! It’s one of the most traveled and best trails in Danville.

  1. House of Pain Trail

Distance: 40.2 miles

This trail is so challenging that people usually tackle it in groups. On a Saturday morning, you can join a riding crew as big as 50 people at Peet’s Coffee in downtown Danville to get started. The trail weaves through areas including Livermore’s back roads, a scenic tour of local ranches, and many rolling hills. After you complete the sweat-inducing loop, grab lunch downtown to refuel.

  1. Osage Park Trail 

Distance: 0.7 mile

This short trail goes around the park, and it’s great for young riders. If you’re with the family or just want to take a low-pressure ride, doing a few loops around the park is a great way to spend the afternoon. There are also plenty of rose gardens along the way to sweeten your short journey. 

  1. Las Trampas North Loop

Distance: 9.6 miles

This somewhat challenging route is just west of Danville Boulevard. Spanning almost 10 miles, the loop offers views of Mount Diablo on a clear day. You begin on the Bollinger Creek loop, where you can stay if you change your mind and decide you’d rather complete a shorter ride (about 2 miles).

  1. Downtown Danville Loop

Distance: 10.2 miles

One of the most charming Danville bike rides is a simple downtown area loop. Wide lanes and designated bike lanes make it easy to get around safely. You can begin at the Park & Ride and make your way east along Sycamore Valley Road. There are plenty of spots to get ice cream, dinner, or grab a movie along the way. 

Wondering where to cycle in Danville? You have a lot of options! From beginner loops to more challenging trails, there is always an open trail inviting you to explore the area on two wheels. Before you set out on your Tri Valley excursion, browse our sixthreezero 

best bikes for men and women’s bike options today. Being on the right bike can make all the difference. 

Want to explore beyond Danville on your next trip to NorCal? Join our Journey Club to uncover biking locations around the world (including the Tri Valley region) and connect with other cyclists.

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Best Biking Trails In Danville, CA