Best Bikes for Women of All Ages

Choosing a Bike
September 05, 2018
Best Bikes for Women of All Ages
Best Bikes for Women of All Ages

Cycling is a years-long passion for many women, and there’s no reason it shouldn’t be. From tricycle to city bike, there are bicycles for women at every stage of life. Women’s bikes tend to have a few key differences from men’s or unisex bikes. Some of the most common unique features are a shorter frame, a lowered top tube, and a shorter reach between the seat and handlebars. The handlebars may also be narrower to accommodate female riders who have a smaller frame. Here are some of the best bikes for women of all ages.

Best Bikes for Young Women

Girls who are just getting their bearings on a bike can benefit from short bikes with small tires. Kids’ bikes typically have tires with a circumference of 20 inches or less. As they reach middle school, young women can graduate to a bike with 24 to 26-inch tires and a taller frame. The best bikes for young riders include cruisers and hybrid models. These bikes are good for leisurely city rides without a lot of obstacles, or routes along relatively flat outdoor trails.

Great Bikes for Women On-the-Go

Women who are more active on their bikes can use a few different types. Road bikes are sturdy and reliable, ideal for speed and distance. Their hard tires can handle off-road terrain without causing you to spill off the side of the saddle or damage the bike’s alignment. For commuting to and from work, a mountain bike is a good way to get up hills with limited struggle, while a city bike may have room for luggage (such as a briefcase). City/town bikes are good lightweight options that can handle potholes and often have a stylish design.  

Comfy Bikes for Older Riders

Women who are closer to or past menopause may have concerns about bone health and want to slow down their bike rides. Some features to look for as an older rider include an upright seating position that wards off back pain, ergonomic handgrips that help with nerve pain and arthritis, and shock absorbers that will stop the rider’s neck from being hit with the jolts of a rough ride. City bikes meet many of these requirements; specifically, they offer upright riding and are meant for casual short rides. Older riders may also want to consider a custom cruiser bicycle for comfortable cycling.

Women don’t have to ride a cycle with shorter reach and frame, but they may find women’s rides to be more ergonomic and easier to mount. If you’re in the market for a women's beach cruiser bike or a city commuter bike, we have an array of options for riders of any age. Consider one of these bikes if you’ll be commuting or enjoying leisurely city riding:

sixthreezero Teal 3 Speed Women's 26" Beach Cruiser Bike

sixthreezero BE Woman Single Speed White with Blue Rims

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Best Bikes for Women of All Ages