Best Bike Sizes For Women

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April 04, 2019
Best Bike Sizes For Women


Hey, guys, Dustin here, CEO of 630. Today, I'm here with our lovely model, Alana. And today, we're gonna talk a little bit about the best bike sizes for women. There's a lot that goes into choosing the right bike size, especially your height, your body shape, arm length, leg length, things like that. It can sometimes be challenging to find the exact bike that's right for you. Now, the good thing about 630 bikes is, our bikes are generally, made to be able to be adjusted for a varying height range. I would say most of our bikes can suit women 5 feet to about 5'11", depending on how you adjust the seat or the handlebars. Any women taller or shorter than that really, are going to need to explore either a larger bike or a shorter bike.

Let me show you. Right here we have the Evryjourney 26" Women's. Alana is actually 5'1". We're gonna have her get on the bike, and we're gonna show you how she fits this bike. Now, Alana and I spoke before this video, and she said, "I ride a 26" bike." Now, at her height, it can really depend on if you're comfortable on a 26" or not, depending on arm length and leg length, also. You're gonna see Alana hop on.

Now, we have the seat all the way down. And go ahead and put your right foot down. Now, you can see, she's actually in a great riding position. Zoom in on those toes, right there. Nice. You can see, she's up on the pad of her toes, which is exactly what you want. Now, any lower might be too low. Any higher would be too high. You can see, she needs the seat all the way down. Somebody who's 5 foot, they could still ride the 26", as well. However, they're gonna be a little bit more on their tippy toes. If you have shorter legs, I would definitely recommend a 24" if you're 5 feet.

Now, if you're 5 feet and say, you have average leg length or average arm length, 26" should be great for you. You can see, everything is perfect for her. Back's upright, the leg is great, arms bent and relaxed, and she's ready to ride. Now, hop off this one, Alana, and I'm gonna bring in the 24". Now, it's not to say that Alana couldn't ride a 24", or to say that some women may not be better suited for a 24", but it's a little bit of personal preference.

You can see on this one, the seat is higher. She's actually now, about in the same foot position on the 24" as she was on the 26", because of the seat height. This is gonna give her a little bit more flexibility, in terms of, she could lower the seat a little bit more. It's gonna give her a wider variance of adjustment potential. You can also see, this bike fits her pretty well. Again, it's really personal preference. The women that are 5 feet, 5'1" range, it's a personal preference between a 24" or a 26". And then also, if you have shorter arms or shorter legs, that's gonna depend, too. Shorter arms or shorter legs, if you're 5 foot or 5'1", I'd recommend a 24". If you believe your legs are average length, 26" is a great bike.

Alana's gonna take off and go for a ride, here. Remember, check out our website. You can enter your dimensions in our body fit tool. You put in your height and your weight, and it'll give you the thumbs up or thumbs down on all of our bikes. Don't mind Alana, she'll be all right. It'll give you a thumbs up, thumbs down on all of our bikes. It will tell you if you're a fit for that particular bike. If you have any questions, feel free to email or call us, and we can help you get fitted perfectly to your body, because that's what we want to do here, at 630, is make every bike fit perfect to your body. And Alana will be okay, I promise.

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Best Bike Sizes For Women