Getting Back Into Bike Riding: Tips

Choosing a Bike
February 13, 2017
Getting Back Into Bike Riding: Tips
Getting Back Into Bike Riding: Tips

So you have been away from exercise and biking for a while, and are interested in getting back into it, but don’t know where to begin. No worries, because sixthreezero’s extensive selection of two-wheelers can set you up with the absolute best bike for beginners. Whether you are looking for a simple cruiser beach bike to take out for a spin on your day off, or a more substantial city road bike to allow you to commute and kick off an ambitious workout routine, sixthreezero can help you find the right choice for your lifestyle.

Choosing the Best Bike for Beginners


The first decision to make is what kind of bike you need, and that is predicated on how you intend to use it. Be honest and don’t put too much pressure on yourself, and you will find the right bike. Do you want to simply have a bike, so on those rare occasions when you feel like exercising or getting some fresh air, you have some wheels ready to go? Then cruiser beach bikes are what you should be perusing. If, on the other hand, you are ready to embrace that inner athlete again, and really establish a great workout routine, then browse our amazing selection of city road bikes. Even better, if you are undecided or want something totally different, you can build your own with sixthreezero’s unique bike customizer.

Cruiser Beach Bikes

Cruiser beach bikes offer the simplest, most comfortable design and most stable ride of all types of bikes, making them the best bike for beginners in many cases. They typically are built with an upright design that makes them easy and comfortable to ride, and boast large, thick, balloon tires that are impervious to much road debris and small bumps. Their single speed means you don’t have to worry about switching gears so you can enjoy the ride with minimal responsibility. The one drawback is that their heavy weight makes fast biking difficult. Check out the whole lineup of sixthreezero cruiser beach bikes .

City Road Bikes

While city road bikes may not seem like the best bike for beginners based on the forward, aggressive posture required of the rider, and thin, lightweight tires that cannot always handle road debris, they actually can be if you are planning to bike every day to work, or for errands or exercise. These bikes’ sleek design and light frames allow you to easily establish speed without requiring backbreaking energy to do so, which actually makes biking easier. Check out all of sixthreezero’s city road bikes .

While one can make the case for either style as the best bike for beginners, you should always ultimately choose what fits your style best.

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