Beginner Bike Rides In Seattle

December 05, 2018
Beginner Bike Rides In Seattle
Beginner Bike Rides In Seattle

Are you ready to explore the Emerald City by cycle? The Pacific Northwest has long embraced the two-wheeled lifestyle, and new riders are always welcome. So much so, in fact, that the city’s infrastructure includes a lot of trails that are ideal for the novice cyclist. Some of the best bike rides in Seattle have beautiful scenery and are great for beginners. Here are four places to begin your riding hobby in Seattle:

Washington Park Arboretum Loop

Distance: 1.2 miles

This easy-going trail just west of Lake Washington is ideal for breaking in a new bike. It’s only about one mile per loop and you get to soak up the greenery of the arboretum the entire way. Keep in mind that this family-friendly trail has a 10 mph speed limit for cyclists (which shouldn’t be a problem for newbie riders) and you’ll be sharing the trail with leaf peepers and other pedestrians.

520 Trail

Distance: 5.2 miles

The 520 trail is a bit on the long side for a beginner’s route, but it’s worth the challenge. It’s only 2.7 miles each way, so you can also stop after one leg and get picked up. You’re able to access the trail from either Montlake Park or Bridgeview Park and the trail features unparalleled views of Lake Washington. The trail is either paved or wooden the entire way.

Green Lake

Distance: 2.8 miles

Green Lake was formed by a glacier and today it remains a serene force of natural beauty in the Seattle area. The trail is mixed-used and popular among joggers, cyclists, and rollerbladers alike. You’ll be granted incredible views of the water and tree-lined paths the entire way. If you start to tire, stop at one of the docks to catch your breath out over the lake. There is perhaps no better place to catch a sunset during an evening ride.

Seward Park Loop

Distance: 2.4 miles

Located just across Lake Washington from Mercer Island, the Seward Park Loop is a wonderful place for biking in Seattle. You’ll weave through the forest in the park and catch glimpses of the lake along the way. Even better, the park has a lot of clearings near the path where you can stop for a picnic or just to take a breather. There are also benches along the way.

Being a beginning cyclist can be overwhelming, even when you’re in a city that celebrates bike riding. Thankfully, Seattle has no shortage of places where you can get your feet wet. If you’re looking for a new cycle for your Seattle bike rides, check out the sixthreezero 7-speed beach cruiser and 3-speed beach cruiser. These bikes are easy to handle and are great for paved trails.

Do you want to find new and exciting places to take your bike on an adventure? You won’t be a beginner forever. Sixthreezero is here to help you keep exploring as your skills grow. Join our Journey Club to uncover new locations around the globe for all types of cyclists.

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Beginner Bike Rides In Seattle