How To Choose The Right Size Beach Cruiser Bike Seat

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December 31, 2016
How To Choose The Right Size Beach Cruiser Bike Seat
How To Choose The Right Size Beach Cruiser Bike Seat

Finding a comfortable place to sit anywhere is not easy, even in our homes, because we are all shaped differently. Accordingly, the same phenomenon exists when you are searching for the right beach cruiser bike seat, so don’t be afraid to shop around until you find the right one for your two-wheeler.

Here are a few recommendations for finding the right seat for you:

Know Your Own Personal Anatomy

Everyone has what is known as sit bones, and they are basically the points of your tailbone that rest against an object when you sit on it. Everyone’s posture and angle of sitting is different, hence, different people are most comfortable in different shapes and sizes of seats. Now apply that to beach cruiser seats, which are much smaller and less cushioned than those at home, and you start to understand this challenge. There are now actually measurement tools available in many bike shops to allow you to determine the width of your sit bones.

Know Your Riding Style

Consider what type of riding you most often do. Do you only bike occasionally for the exercise, or do you sometimes go on longer trips. If so, consider a beach cruiser bike seat with a thin layer of gel on top to alleviate some of the pressure. If, on the other hand, you experience pain or numbness while biking, consider a seat with a depression or cutaway to soften the discomfort. Check out the vast array of sixthreezero beach cruisers.

Test Drive Your Beach Cruiser Bike Seat

You can’t just look at a seat, or poke it with your hand, and decide if it’s right for you. Much as with a bed, it takes actually using the item as it was meant to be used before you can draw a conclusion. Consequently, you should ask your bicycle salesperson if you might test a few seats in real time before deciding on your favorite.

Don’t Assume

It’s easy to find the softest cruiser bike seat and assume it is the best one, but again, as with beds, we know that some prefer them soft, others like firm, and still others in between. In addition, that soft saddle may be the wrong shape, and as we all have different bodies, it behooves you to keep an open mind until you have considered all of the options. In addition, women and men should almost never assume they have the same beach cruiser bike seat needs. Check out sixthreezero’s selection of women’s bikes.

In the end, don’t rush into a decision, and be deliberate about test driving as many different seat styles as possible so that you find the most comfortable resting place possible for your rear. Don’t forget that you can build your own bike by visiting our customizer.

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