Around the Block Women's VS. Kulana Women's Cruiser Bike, 26-Inch, Blue

Choosing a Bike
June 01, 2018
Around the Block Women's VS. Kulana Women's Cruiser Bike, 26-Inch, Blue

With so many women’s cruiser bikes on the market, it can be difficult to choose one. There are many factors to look at including price, comfort, and design. We want all riders to ultimately end up with the perfect bike so we’re committed to sharing women’s bike reviews that dive into the details of our bikes and those made by other companies.

One of our most popular bikes is the sixthreezero Around the Block. It’s a top choice for many people who are looking for a bike to commute to work or just enjoy time at the beach. While some of our customers take a look at the description and photos for the sixthreezero Around the Block Women's 26-inch Cruiser Bike and then decide that they want it, others understandably need to do some research before they bike.

Here are some comparisons between our Around the Block and the Kulana Women's Cruiser Bike, 26-Inch, Blue, which is a great bike that some ladies consider in addition to ours.

Around the Block

The Around the Block is made to be your best friend. While certainly agreeable for a leisurely coastal ride, it’s perfect for a trek through the park, a ride to the farmers market and a journey to work. This bike is comfortable, comfortable, comfortable. On your first ride out, you’ll feel like it’s been with you for years. It’s that ideally suited for every rider.

Our Around the Block is a low-maintenance and beautiful bike that you can take with you everywhere. It’s easy from the start. No hassles to get up and riding or to maintain this bike for the long haul.

It features a 26-inch single-speed drivetrain and it’s all about cool. This stylish ride comes in a matte steel frame construction with 2.125-inch tires and a cushioned saddle seat. It’s was designed from the ground up with your comfort in mind.

We want our customers to be completely happy with their bicycles, so the Around the Block is available for test rides. Just buy this bike and take it out for a spin. You get to decide if it’s perfect for you. If it’s not the bike for your lifestyle, just send it back.

Kulana Women's Cruiser Bike, 26-Inch, Blue

The Kaluna Women’s 26-inch Cruiser Bike in Blue also features a classic steel frame. Its extra-large cruiser seat has springs designed for comfort, however some riders have said they can feel the springs and that their rides are a bit bumpy.

The full-wrap fenders on the Kulana Women’s 26-inch Cruiser Bike make it an ideal bike to take out in varying weather, from the hot sun to a light rain. It’s a flat-land bike for sure, so you might get more use out of the Around the Block which is meant for more than just sidewalks even though it’s a single-speed ride.

You’ll likely find that the price on the Kulana Women’s 26-inch Cruiser is pretty low, and that can be attractive if you don’t want to spend a lot on a bike. But, think about the seat comfort and how this bike will feel after riding for an hour. Also, some riders mention that the handlebar grips on the Kulana Women’s 26-inch Cruiser Bike are thin and they can make the hands slippery.

Sixthreezero customers love our women’s Around the Block bicycles, but they also find some of our other women’s bicycles for sale the best when they’re looking for a specific type of bicycle. Our range of bikes is wide and there’s something for everyone. Check it out and see which bicycle you would like to test ride.

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Around the Block Women's VS. Kulana Women's Cruiser Bike, 26-Inch, Blu