Around The Block Women's VS. Huffy Bicycle Company Perfect Fit Frame Womens' Holbrook Cruiser Bike

Choosing a Bike
June 01, 2018
Around The Block Women's VS. Huffy Bicycle Company Perfect Fit Frame Womens' Holbrook Cruiser Bike

The perfect bike for you is just a bit of research away. It’s understandable that you’d want to research all of the top women’s cruiser bikes before you purchase one. There’s much to consider: the comfort of the seat, style, and color, price and more. We think one of the top factors to think about when deciding on a women’s cruiser bike is long-term comfort. That’s why we’ve detailed the specs and special construction of the sixthreezero Around the Block, one of our most popular cruisers. This bike was made from the ground up to provide comfort for a short jaunt as well as an extended journey.

Sixthreezero vs. Huffy

Sixthreezero and Huffy bikes are both designed to give you a stylish ride and a perfectly enjoyable ride along the beach. But, the sixthreezero Around the Block women's 26-inch cruiser bike stands out as being an ideal cruiser bike for a variety of terrain. Take this bike to the coast, work or park- it’s always smooth sailing.

Around the Block

The Around the Block by sixthreezero is meant to be your outdoor best friend. It’s reliable, agreeable and low-maintenance. This bike is truly comfortable. It’ll feel like you’ve worked it in the minute you hop on it. There’s no learning curve here. Just get on, ride and have the time of your life.

This bike is the ride you can really take anywhere. Go get breakfast, head out for a mid-day workout and hit the bar on the way home. You’ll look stylish wherever you are, and you’ll be able to ride all day on this cycle if you want to. It’s cushioned saddle seat sits at just the right height, no matter how tall you are.

We’ve put more thought into comfort, too. The Around the Block is crafted to be ergonomically ideal, placing your body in the correct position to be comfortable and help prevent injuries.

Huffy Bicycle Company Perfect Fit Frame Womens' Holbrook Cruiser Bike

The Huffy Bicycle Company’s Perfect Fit Frame Women’s Holbrook Cruiser bike is a bike made for riders ages 13 and up. It has a suggested rider height of more than 5 feet and it arrives 90% assembled with the tools needed for set up.

Like the Huffy Perfect Fit Frame Womens’ Holbrook Cruiser Bike, the Around the Block comes nearly assembled with all the tools required for set up. Unlike the Huffy, the Around the Block bike is still a perfectly comfortable bike for riders who aren’t quite 5 feet tall.

The Huffy Perfect Fit has dual springs and dual-density grips and pedals for comfort on longer rides. It comes with a beverage holder and rear rack, which gives you great options for a ride just like the Around the Block does when outfitted with our handy accessories.

One of many good things about sixthreezero’s Around the Block, which you won’t find in all of the other bike options, is the ability to test drive our cycle. We give you time to try our bikes, make sure they’re comfortable for you and ensure they’re the right fit for your lifestyle.

Consider comfort, style, and service when you choose a bike. Consider one of sixthreezero’s women’s bicycles for sale, in particular, our womens Around the Block bicycles if you’re looking for an ultra-versatile cruiser.

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