Around the Block Women's Vs. Huffy 26 Deluxe Women's Cruiser Bike, Coral

June 07, 2018
Around the Block Women's Vs. Huffy 26 Deluxe Women's Cruiser Bike, Coral

If you’re looking to purchase a cruiser bike to get to the beach or work, consider the sixthreezero Around the Block. It’s one of the top women’s cruiser bikes, and it combines comfort and style for an enjoyable ride.

There are many women’s cruiser bicycles on the market. So, what makes the sixthreezero Around the Block Women’s 26-inch Cruiser Bike a top choice, particularly in comparison to other popular cycles like the Huffy 26 Deluxe Women’s Cruiser Bike in Coral?

Extreme comfort, outstanding reliability and the ease in which you can get out riding after your bicycle is delivered.

Sixthreezero vs. Huffy

Sixthreezero and Huffy are both well-known bike brands. Huffy has been around for a long time and it has established a solid name for itself in the bike market. Sixthreezero hasn’t been selling bikes for quite as long as Huffy, but we’ve earned a strong reputation for having leading cruiser bicycles.

The sixthreezero Around the Block, in particular, has risen swiftly to the top of cruiser bike purchases because it was designed from the ground up to be an ultra-comfortable ride. Rather than focus our efforts on all types of bikes, including mountain bikes and racing bikes, we at sixthreezero thought we’d perfect the art of the comfort cycle.

We offer super comfortable trail bikes and hybrid bikes, but even these off-path bicycles are meant to be primarily enjoyed on joy rides. Cruising in comfort is what we’re all about at sixthreezero. Unlike other companies that spread themselves all over the bike market, and sometimes get it right with a cruiser, we focus all of our efforts on smooth rides.

Around the Block

Our Around the Block is a top-selling cruiser bike because it provides sleek style and cool comfort in a cycle design that’s ideal for hitting the coast, gym, job or bar. While versatile and able to go with you everywhere, it has the ability to zero in on your needs as a rider.

The Around the Block is ideal on city streets, park trails and beach paths. It provides a slow and steady ride when you need it, and it’s made to propel you swiftly when you want it to. Our Around the Block women’s bicycles for sale come nearly assembled and are a breeze to put together so you can get out riding.

Huffy 26 Deluxe Women's Cruiser Bike, Coral

Huffy’s 26 Deluxe Women’s Cruiser Bike in Coral is also a stylish ride for the beach rider. Its coastal color is fun and carefree. The bike comes in a classic cruiser frame, and it’s equipped with a beverage holder and storage rack to give it functionality like our Around the Block has when outfitted with our great accessories.

While the Huffy 26 Deluxe Women’s Cruiser Bike offers swept-back handlebars for easy riding, keep in mind that this bike is advertised for riders who meet a minimum 5-foot height requirement. You’ll see when searching for our sixthreezero women’s Around the Block bicycles for sale that our rides are perfectly comfortable if you’re not quite 5 feet.

Some Huffy customers have expressed concern that their bikes were hard to put together and that they had issues with their tires among other small issues. While we understand each order is different, sixthreezero makes ease of assembly and quality craftsmanship a priority. Check out our bikes and take one for a test ride! You can return it to us if it’s not the right bicycle for you.

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Around the Block Women's Vs. Huffy 26 Deluxe Women's Cruiser Bike, Cor