Are There Really Gender Differences In Bicycles?

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May 07, 2019
Are There Really Gender Differences In Bicycles?

Hey guys, Dustin here CEO of sixthreezero. Want to talk to you today about bicycles and answer the question: are bicycles unisex? What bikes are unisex, do you want a unisex bike? So this is a great topic, interesting topic, so let's dive into it. So number one thing or my first response is any bike, any product, anything in the world can be unisex virtually speaking if you really want it to be, right? I think a lot of gender identification and gender separation has been deemed or set forth by societal rules and societal regulations. So none of its real, it doesn't matter necessarily, we can choose or ride or do whatever we'd like. That holds very much true with bicycles. Now with that said there may be some design elements of some bikes that feature benefits for a body type that might typically be for a body type of a man, or might be more typical of a body type of a woman. So there are some bikes out there that cater to things like that.

Generally speaking, if women have shorter arms or things of that nature there might be bike companies catering to that. I'm not saying women actually do have shorter arms, but there are some philosophies about body types and how women's bodies differ from men's. So a lot of bike companies try to cater to that with how they design and engineer different parts. With that said, and specifically when you're looking at 630 the answer is any of our bikes can be unisex. Any men's bike can be ridden by a woman, any woman's bike can be ridden by a man.

A little bit of the history of bicycles, the way women's bikes I think came to be, especially step-through frames, was when back in the early 1900s women used to wear dresses. The idea of the step through was conducive to dress wearing at that point, which is why the swooping frame was sort of a design element for women back then because it was actually beneficial to the wardrobe they're wearing. Well fast forward now anybody wears anything shorts, pants, dresses, across all genders. Women's have just sort of carried the same design philosophy in recreational bikes. I'm talking about beach cruisers, city bikes, and then even hybrid bikes have a little bit of a lower swooping frame. Now a lot of road bikes typically road and mountain actually have the same kind of frame set up and frame design between men's and women's. The biggest difference is just going to be the sizing.

That kind of segue ways me into my next point, which is really what distinguishes men's and women's bikes more than anything is the different sizes available. I think typically speaking on average men are taller and women are shorter, so you're gonna see women's bikes in a lot shorter or smaller sizes and men's bikes in taller sizes. But that for sure does not mean that a very tall woman can't ride a men's bike, and a very short man can't ride a women's bike. A lot of times I do see women that are on the taller side end go up with a men's bike because there might not be a size available for their height. Specifically, this would be something women over six feet may have to deal with in the road bike sector or even across our bikes.

We have some taller women, maybe they're looking for a little bigger frame, so instead of opting for the women's model go with the men's model. The other thing too is with women's frames specifically ours across the city bikes and every journey and the body ease, the women's frames have a lower step through. Now we've done that typically we're going to be coming out with some men's colors so to speak or more typical men's colors like blacks and things like that. We actually have a lot of men that do want step through buying the body ease or the ride in the park or the EVRYjourney, they buy the women's version because they do like the step through versus the men's version.

You'll see a lot of companies nowadays, instead of calling them men's or women's they're just basically calling them step-through or non-step through. We've left our site separation as men's and women's only because those seem to be typical search words. It makes it easier for people to navigate to certain products, but again anybody can ride any bike. We do have some neutral tones in the women's frame, like a navy that men could ride and for taller women you can look at men's bikes.

That pretty much sums it up, the length of it is yes all bikes are generally unisex, men can ride women's, women can ride men's. It's really about your body and what's most comfortable for you. If you have questions about fit, your body type, what's going to be best for you please reach out to us. You can email us, the team at Or call us 310-982-2877. Also, look at the top of our website, right below the top nav there's a body fitting quiz. You can enter your height, weight, and answer about 20 questions. It's going to find the perfect bike for you, also don't forget we have a test ride your bike. 365-day policy. If you don't love your bike after 365 days you can return it, no questions asked, free shipping both ways. Because at 630 our goal is to make sure you love your bike.


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Are There Really Gender Differences In Bicycles?