Advantage Of Using Beach Cruiser Tires

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December 30, 2016
Advantage Of Using Beach Cruiser Tires
Advantage Of Using Beach Cruiser Tires

As always, it’s important to match your bike, and its features, with its intended use, so if you are a full-on leisure rider who wants the absolute most comfortable ride and greatest durability and cares less about speed and a sexy-looking two-wheeler, then it is imperative that you outfit your bicycle with beach cruiser tires or buy one that already has them. Here is a look at the greatest benefits of these tires and the style of bike with which they work best.


Beach cruiser tires actually have space for more air than other styles of tires, providing a significant layer of cushioning protection between you and the road. This means you will hardly notice imperfections beneath you, such as small rocks and stones and other rough terrain, leaving you relaxed and able to walk away from your sojourn no worse for the wear. In addition, these tires boast substantially more rubber on their exterior, which offers further cushioning and ensures a more comfortable ride. Find the best sixthreezero comfort bicycle for you.


If you have a bike outfitted with beach cruiser tires it most likely means you are doing a lot of road and sidewalk riding and will often encounter substantial debris left in your path. This makes the extra rubber even more valuable, as these tires are much less susceptible to dings and gouges from natural and man-made objects. In fact, these so-called “balloon tires” are impervious to many smaller glass shards, nails, and other construction materials that often find their way on to urban thoroughfares. See the entire collection of sixthreezero bikes outfitted with beach cruiser tires here.

Beach Cruiser Tires

Beach cruisers typically are outfitted with these wide, 26-inch tires that are also commonly found on mountain bikes, making them the best choice if you want to buy a bike that already offers maximum comfort and durability. Hybrid city bikes, on the other hand, are usually outfitted with more standard 700c tires that are more characteristic of urban-style designs. Check out all of sixthreezero’s beach cruisers on sale here.

As with choosing anything in which comfort and durability are the most important considerations, you might have to give up a bit of sleek styling along the way. However, you will be happier, and your body will thank you later.

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Advantage Of Using Beach Cruiser Tires