Adult Tricycle Buying Guide

May 14, 2020
Adult Tricycle Buying Guide
Adult Tricycle Buying Guide

Adult Tricycle Buying Guide

Adult tricycles are an excellent choice for young adults, seniors and everyone in between who wants a fun way to get a little exercise while getting around town. They offer a variety of benefits, including room to carry large items, stability for those who might have trouble balancing a two-wheeler, and a means of remaining independent for older adults. They are typically easy to mount and dismount and provide a comfortable seat to help you enjoy the ride.

How to Choose an Adult Tricycle

When it comes to choosing the right tricycle for you, there are several factors to consider. Since you’re not likely to take a tricycle on a mountain trail or endurance course, you can focus instead on comfort and fit.

  • Seat: The seat plays a big role in having a nice ride. Look for one that is firm and supportive, but not too hard, especially if you’re going to be taking long rides. For proper positioning, your knee should align with the ball of your foot with the pedal at 3 o’clock.
  • Handlebars: Do you have to bend too far to reach the handlebars? You should keep your elbows bent slightly and head raised without having to strain your neck. If you find yourself staring at the ground while gripping the handlebars, they are too far away.
  • Frame and seat height: Look for adjustable seat height to ensure your feet reach the ground. You should be able to change seat height to suit your comfort easily.

Riding position is another comfort factor, and the most ergonomic posture is one that lets you sit upright. Along with sitting naturally, you should also be able to extend your legs while pedaling.

Features to Look for in an Adult Tricycle

Bells, streamers and small baskets in front were once the most you could hope for in bike features. Then came additional speeds, better tires and more modifications as bikes boomed across the U.S. in the 1960s and ‘70s. Today, there are mountain bikes, BMX bikes, racing bikes and cruisers, along with a renewed interest in adult tricycles, which offer a range of features.

  • Large baskets: Whether you want to carry groceries home from the market or take a four-legged friend along for the ride, tricycles have a large basket area between the rear wheels. You can typically find baskets that are as deep and wide as 2 feet by 2 feet.
  • Electric motors: When you want a little insurance to get up a hill or home after a long ride, an electric motor helps ensure your success.
  • Step-through frames: There’s no need to worry about getting on and off an adult trike. They are typically designed without the stabilizer bar to give you a step-through frame with easy-on, easy-off accessibility.

Do 3 Wheel Bikes Come Assembled?

If you’re picking it out in person, the retailer typically assembles the bike for you. For those who buy online, some bikes come partially or mostly assembled, leaving you the wheels, basket and a few other parts to add. You can also take it to a local bike store for professional assembly, and some bike retailers will even pick up the cost.

Consider Where You'll Be Riding Your Trike

While not built for the racecourse, there are plenty of places your trike can take you beyond city sidewalks. Bike trails are usually wide enough to accommodate trikes and other bikes. Trike tires are typically wider than those on a street bike or racing bike and work to smooth out bumps. You’ll be comfortable riding the boardwalk, natural trails and throughout your neighborhood and town.

Whether you’re 16 or 62, adult tricycles give you more options for exercise, errands and enjoying life. Consider the benefits of independence they provide, too, when you’re looking to add more of these options to your day.

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Adult Tricycle Buying Guide