8 Tips For Senior Cycling

October 03, 2018
8 Tips For Senior Cycling
8 Tips For Senior Cycling

Has running becomes too hard on your knees? You may worry about getting enough cardio for your heart health. Swimming is a good alternative, but it doesn’t give you access to the same scenery as other outdoor activities. Enter cycling. Bike riding for seniors is a popular activity for a reason – it keeps you fit and lets you get to know your community. Follow these tips for seniors before you make cycling a part of your routine:

  1. Get a Pre-Ride Check-Up

Before you buy a new bicycle and all the accessories, check with your doctor. Some seniors with arthritis or chronic pain issues may require special instructions from their physician before they hit the road.

  1. Choose an Ergonomic City Bike

Comfort and city bikes are designed for you to ride upright. Sitting with good posture keeps lower back pain at bay for senior riders.

  1. Position Your Seat Back

Is biking bad for your knees? It doesn’t have to be. Pushing your seat position back a little allows you to ride at an angle that doesn’t hurt your knees or cause discomfort.

  1. Start with Flat Terrain

If you’re newly back on the road as a senior rider, don’t hit mountain trails. Stick with a ride around the local park on flat terrain. Paved paths are easier on your back, knees, and other joints.

  1. Don’t Go Too Slow

Your instincts may tell you to go slow to avoid an accident, but keeping a steady pace is better for your joints. Fluid motion is easier on knees and ankles than a slow pace that leads to stops and starts. Aim for at least 60 revolutions per minute.

  1. Wear a Helmet

Though you may have gotten your start on a bike back before helmets and knee pads were the norm, but it’s time to update your cycling wardrobe. Seniors are more at risk of serious injury, so equip yourself with a helmet.

  1. Complement Cycling with Other Workouts

Choosing the right bike and posture can keep your senior body in good shape, but too much of a single exercise can be hard on the body at any age. Complement your cycling routine with some water aerobics or yoga.

  1. Remember to Recover

Staying hydrated and promoting muscle recovery is especially important for older cyclists. After you get home from a Sunday ride, treat yourself to a sports drink and protein-filled snack. A warm bath in Epsom salt can also help with muscle recovery. 

Senior cycling is a fun pastime and a good way to keep burning calories even after long hikes and adventurous marathons are behind you. With the right bike, posture, and post-ride recovery, you could continue to cycle well into your golden years. Here are a few good bikes for seniors to get you started on your search for the right bike:

Dreamcycle Woman Single-Speed Bike

BE man 1-speed

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8 Tips For Senior Cycling