8 Bike To Work Myths, Busted

June 07, 2018
8 Bike To Work Myths, Busted

Whether you’re thinking about taking up the habit of biking to work or just want to participate in the country’s annual Bike to Work day, don’t let any Negative Nelly-type myths discourage you. There are plenty of reasons people come up with against biking to work, but there are just as many benefits of riding to work – for you and the environment.

Here are 8 bike to work myths, busted, and some biking to work tips to get you motivated:

  1. Biking to Work is Dangerous

This may be the number one myth associated with biking to work. It’s not any more dangerous than driving or even walking if you take proper safety precautions. The world is not a 100% safe place, so anything we do involves some kind of risk. You could accidentally choke on your breakfast in the morning. Does that mean you should stop eating? Obviously, some things are more dangerous and involve more risk than others. Biking to work can be safe if you keep your bike maintained, stay aware at all times, know your route well and choose bike-friendly roads and paths.

  1. You Need an Expensive or Special Bike

You don’t need an expensive or super special bike for riding to work. You do need a bike that’s comfortable and made for the terrain you’re traveling on. Look through our inventory of cruiser bikes and hybrid bikes. Chances are great that you’ll find the best bike for working out, riding along the beach and commuting to work. They’re all functional and form-perfect bikes for any occasion. And, they won’t set you back much at all. In fact, you’ll recoup your costs quickly since you won’t have to pay for gas to get to work.

  1. You Have to Completely Commit

Biking to work isn’t an all or nothing proposition. You can certainly ride every day if you want. But, riding once a week or once in a while is fine too. It can be beneficial to go all in, but fun to ride to the job on occasion.

  1. It’s Impossible to Ride in Work Clothes

It’s not impossible to ride in work clothes. But, you probably shouldn’t wear a mini skirt, flowy dress or high heels when you ride either. Just make sure your attire (including your shoes) is comfortable and somewhat snug-fitting so it doesn’t distract you or get caught in your bike’s parts.

  1. You Can Drive to Work Faster

This may be true if you live and work somewhere rural, but many of us in densely populated cities have a good chance of getting to work quicker on a bike. While cars are stuck in rush-hour traffic, we zip by on our 2 wheels in sometimes dedicated bike lanes that are sadly not used as much as they could be.

  1. The Job is Too Far Away

If you work less than 20 miles from your job, think about commuting by bike. You’ll save gas money, be one of the few not adding to traffic and keep your body in great shape. Riding 10 to 20 miles on a bike is manageable and can be quite enjoyable. Think about trying it once a month to start.

  1. It’s Hard to Carry Everything You Need

This myth is easily busted when you outfit your bike with a rear bike rack, and a storage rack or basket. You might even feel comfortable with a backpack on while you ride. Either way, it’s not that hard to bring shoes, a few items of clothing, a light laptop and some lunch on a bike.

  1. I’ll End Up Sweaty at Work

Anyone worried about sweat (a just concern) can leave early for work and take a slow, leisurely ride. It’s still a win-win-win.

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8 Bike To Work Myths, Busted