7 Ways To Make Your Bike More Comfortable

September 05, 2018
7 Ways To Make Your Bike More Comfortable
7 Ways To Make Your Bike More Comfortable

Cycling is an incredible, low-impact way to get in shape and see your community. But there is nothing that is more distracting on an otherwise great bike ride than being uncomfortable. A numb butt and sore back don’t exactly make for an enjoyable journey. Here are some ways to make your bike more comfortable so your ride is a breeze and not a fast track to an ice bath:

  1. Adjust the Seat Height

If your seated position is too high or too low, it will show up in leg pain. Discomfort toward the front of your knee can indicate that your seat is too low, while pain on your calves could mean your seat is too high. Adjusting your saddle height will make a big difference.

  1. Change Your Saddle

Learning how to make a bicycle seat comfortable is only fruitful if you have the right saddle to begin with. If you have a seat that is too small for your frame or chafes your body, it’s time to ask a bike shop pro about getting a different style.

  1. Tilt Your Saddle

If your seat fits your body just fine but you still notice discomfort while riding, the saddle could be at the wrong angle. A seat tilted upward can lead to groin pain, so tilt the seat downward and see if you experience relief.

  1. Wrap the Handlebars with Tape

Wrist pain can be another major obstacle to a good ride. Double up on your bar tape on your handlebars if you are going over anything but smooth terrain. You may also want to consider attaching thick ergonomic grips to your handlebars for good measure.

  1. Check the Tire Pressure

Bigger tires, which are required for tough terrain, actually function better at a lower pressure. You’ll be more protected against jarring potholes and other bumps if you readjust the pressure.

  1. Adjust Your Reach

Reaching too far forward for your handlebars creates a slew of issues. Adjusting your

bicycle handlebars for comfort is easy; you may need to buy a new stem, but you can often adjust the reach by sliding your saddle forward or lowering your handlebars.

  1. Wear Bike Gloves and Shorts

Cycling gloves and shorts reduce chafing, absorb vibrations, and provide an overall more comfortable ride. Biking shorts and pants also wick away moisture during intense rides.

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7 Ways To Make Your Bike More Comfortable