7 Steps To Lose Weight By Cycling

July 16, 2018
7 Steps To Lose Weight By Cycling
7 Steps To Lose Weight By Cycling

Beginner bike riders and experienced pros turn to cycling to lose weight. It makes complete sense, of course. Bicycling is a great way to exercise and burn calories and have fun while shedding a few pounds.

If you’re considering taking up bike riding to lose weight or to streamline your sport of choice so you can drop pounds fast, follow these 7 tips that include some off-cycle actions:

  1. Set a Goal That’s Realistic

Bike riding for fitness needs to come with some realistic goals or you’ll set yourself up for failure. Don’t think that you can cycle and then drop 10 pounds in a week or get to some abstract body weight that you feel is right but isn’t actually good for your body type.

Use a target like Body Mass Index (BMI) as a guide to the weight you should aim for. BMI is based on the height to weight ration of a person and many medical professionals use it to determine a healthy weight.

You might also look to a target body fat percentage. As an example, healthy men should have a body fat percentage of between 15 and 18 percent, and healthy women should have a body fat percentage of between 25 and 32 percent.

There are plenty of scales on the market that calculate BMI and body fat percentage.

  1. Eat Regularly

Stick to 3 meals a day and you’ll be less likely to snack (and ruin weight loss plans or gain weight) because you’ve missed essential fuel. If it’s difficult to plan 3 meals each day, take one day during the week and prepare a meal plan for the next 7 days.

  1. Watch Portions

Cycling can certainly help you lose weight, but not if you eat too much. When you want to see a shift in pounds, you need to practice portion control. Serve yourself a modest portion of food at each meal and eat only until you feel comfortably full (the hunger sensation is gone). There is no need to eat beyond that, as you’ll just be filling up with unnecessary calories.

  1. Kick Any Sugary Drink Habits

If you drink high-sugar, low-nutrient drinks throughout the day, you may be negating any calorie loss from cycling. Sugary drinks will likely cause your body to crash a few hours after consumption too, which might make you want to skip your daily ride.

  1. Cut Down on Alcohol

Alcohol contributes to weight gain. It’s high in calories and it can alter your sense of appetite and cause you to eat without necessity. Drinking also isn’t advised when you’re cycling, so again you may miss out on your daily ride.

  1. Get That Daily Ride In

Ride to the grocery store, farmers market or beach. Cycle to a friend’s house or to the bank. Just get out and ride. We all do things throughout the day, and many of our tasks and errands can be done on a bike. Ride daily to help shed pounds.

  1. Commute to Work

If you work 20 miles or less from home and you have decent streets and sidewalks in your town, commute to work. The ride will help you lose weight and you’ll likely enjoy not sitting in traffic during rush hour.

Bike Riding for Fitness

Looking for a great fitness bike to ride every day to work? Consider the sixthreezero Classic Edition 7 Speed Women’s Beach Cruiser Bike or one of our great men’s bikes. Many of our customers have the 7-speed bike vs. 21-speed bike debate when they’re looking for a good bike for weight loss. But, the best bike really just comes down to where and how you ride.

Are you looking for the best bicycle for trails or the best city bike? Every rider is different, so consider your workout goals and your lifestyle.

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7 Steps To Lose Weight By Cycling