7 Best Mountain Biking Trails In Malibu

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March 27, 2018
7 Best Mountain Biking Trails In Malibu

Malibu, California is a mountain biker’s dream come true. With plenty of sun-kissed beaches and off-the-grid paths to cruise, the mountain biking Malibu has to offer is some of the best paths in the world! If you’re a local or a tourist looking for the adventure of a lifetime, check out our best places to bike in Malibu guide. Don’t forget to grab your Malibu cruiser bikes to look the part in this laid back SoCal beach town!

Backbone Trail

This 65-mile trail runs from Will Rogers State Park all the way to Point Mugu State Park where it ends. This is a great beginners trail with lots of hills, swoops, turns, and more. Sadly, large portions of this trail aren’t open to mountain bikers, so watch where you ride!

Point Mugu State Park

This 30-mile trail is best for intermediate riders as it really packs a punch. Cutting through the gorgeous Point Mugu State Park, this trail has inclines of up to 4,000 feet and steep descents of up to 5,300 feet. There are restrooms along the trail and night riding is permitted if you dare.

Sycamore Canyon

This 16-mile trail is as scenic as they come. Nestled in Point Mugu State Park, this trail overlooks the sprawling Sycamore Canyon and some of its trails even cut down into the canyon’s basin. With descents of up to 4,500 feet and a 669-foot elevation, you’ll feel the breeze underneath your helmet as you coast down these mighty hills.

Malibu Creek Loop

This 15.4-mile looped trail definitely taxes the legs but rewards the eyes. Mile for mile, it is one of the most gorgeous mountain biking trails Malibu has to offer. You’ll pedal past the stunning Rock Pool, the year-round Century Lake, and the old exterior set for the hit television show M*A*S*H.

New Millennium Trail

A little outside of Malibu is this tantalizing trail. It’s a super fun loop with amazing views of Calabasas and the surrounding hills, techy switchbacks, and fast downhill descents.

Cheeseboro Canyon Trail

In nearby Agoura Hills, riders will find this amazing mountainous trail. It offers tons of hills and great views of the sprawling canyon beneath. Keep an eye out though, because horseback riders share the same space as you do on this trail.

Topanga Creek Outpost

Located in the nearby town of Topanga, California, this trail was rated as one of the best mountain biking trails in the Malibu area. The local bike shop is super helpful and will load you up with all of the necessary gear before you hit the path!

If you’re looking for the top bike trails in America, be sure to read the rest of our blog. And if you’re looking to build your own beach cruiser, check out our accessories page!

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7 Best Mountain Biking Trails In Malibu