5 Tips For Biking With Kids

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August 23, 2017
5 Tips For Biking With Kids
5 Tips For Biking With Kids

Whether you want to get your kids started in cycling or just need to bring them along because you’re not going to stop cycling, there are some things you can do to make the experience enjoyable for everyone. If you’re worried about kids biking safety or maintaining a positive attitude while dealing with challenges that may come along, you’re not alone. Plenty of new and avid riders wonder if there are some biking safety tips that can make family riding more pleasant and they question when it’s a good time to give a bit more independence to little riders.

Here are 5 tips for biking with kids:

1. Have Toddlers Join You on a Child Bike Seat

Toddlers can absolutely join you on a ride in a child bike seat, but they must be able to fully support their head. Some localities and states have laws requiring kids to be at least a year old before they ride on a bike with you, and these regulations require children to wear a helmet during a ride. Most child bike seats can adequately hold a toddler who is up to 40 pounds. A good child bike seat will be lightweight, yet have a high and sturdy back.

2. Tow Your Child in a Bike Trailer

Many parents and kids prefer bike trailers that can let children kick back and take in the sights in comfort, while the adults are the only ones exposed to fall risks. It’s a good idea to give your kids a pillow, because even street terrain can be bumpy and you don’t want your little one’s head bouncing around too much. Be warned; older children can get bored in bike trailers and often prefer to be on a bike seat.

3. Give Young Kids a Balance Bike

As children begin to grow, they’re ready to start testing their skills at riding. Balance bikes are simple and effective training bikes, as they don’t have pedals or chains. They’re simply a frame and wheels, and they guide children into proper balancing techniques, all the while letting them progress in speed at their own pace and stop by just placing feet firmly on the ground. These bikes are best for kids ages 2 to 5 years old.

4. Offer Independence with Training Wheels

When it’s time to give older kids a bit of independence, training wheels work wonders. They boost a child’s confidence and let you gauge readiness. Training wheels can be removed when a youngster shows skills in balancing, signaling, turning and stopping. Putting your child on a single-speed bike with training wheels is a super way to test the family’s biking safety skills before heading out as a group on a long ride.

5. Equip the Family’s Bikes with Bells

Having a bell on each family member’s bike is a great idea, because it lets every person take charge of personal safety. Bells can also be used as communication devices between riders, as some families develop bell codes that mean different things. sixthreezero has the perfect fun and functional bike bell for kids and grownups, in a range of colors that you can buy to outfit everyone’s bike for a family ride.

Check out the sixthreezero’s bike shop too, to find great transition bicycles for sale for riders graduating to their own set of wheels.

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5 Tips For Biking With Kids