5 Reasons To Ride A Bike As A College Student Instead Of Driving

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September 25, 2017
5 Reasons To Ride A Bike As A College Student Instead Of Driving
5 Reasons To Ride A Bike As A College Student Instead Of Driving

Gone are the days of driving to class, waiting in endless amounts of commuter traffic, and trying to find a close parking space. Bicycles are becoming an increasingly popular method of transportation for many U.S. co-eds. There is a myriad of reasons why college students choose cycling over driving, from saving money to eliminating their carbon footprint. If you’re considering joining the bicycling club, here are five benefits of ditching your car for hybrid cruiser bikes on campus: 

  1. Saves Money

Selecting to ride a comfortable bike instead of a car will save you some serious cash. With the ridiculously high prices of gas these days, money-strapped students are opting to spend their dough on books instead of a pricy transportation method. 

Owning a car also comes with a lot of maintenance fees. You have to get regular tune-ups and your oil changed, which can take a toll on a co-ed’s bank account. Bikes are simple to maintain and fix on your own with a basic tool kit and cost a lot less than buying a vehicle.

  1. Protects the Environment

Let’s face it – the climate is changing, and not for the better. Eco-conscious college students are trying to do their part to keep the earth greener, and that means cycling instead of driving. It’s an easy way to keep your college campus free of stinky exhaust and fumes if you ride bikes for a college commute. Go green with comfort bikes for sale!

  1. It’s Great Exercise

What better way to stay in shape than to bike to class? Riding outside in the sunshine beats running indoors on the treadmill or elliptical. Additionally, college students with string-tight budgets can skip paying for their gym membership by keeping in shape by biking to class.

  1. Gets You to Class Faster

Nothing is worse than being stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic when you are running late to class. Biking eliminates not only the wasted time sitting in traffic, but the time spent trying to find an ideal parking space close to campus. Even if you live on campus, pedaling is a lot faster than walking.

  1. No-Hassle Parking

Any college student who owns a car on campus can attest to the fact that finding a parking space close to your dorm or classroom can be hell on wheels. The beauty of biking is that you can park your ride virtually anywhere as many campuses have places to safely lock and stow your bike, close to dormitories and classrooms. 

As you can see, there are many reasons why college co-eds choose to pedal to class instead of drive. Visit our site to find great commuter bikes for sale!

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