5 Great Boston Bike Rides

September 05, 2018
5 Great Boston Bike Rides
5 Great Boston Bike Rides

Walking in the footsteps of Paul Revere is fun, but biking through his territory is even more exhilarating. Long-time Bostonians and visitors alike can sail by historical sights and emerald parks on two wheels thanks to a huge network of bike trails and paths in Boston. Whether you’re a new cyclist or you have a lot of experience, Boston has a bikeway for you.

sixthreezero has you covered when it’s time to upgrade your ride with one of the best men’s or women’s bikes for sale. Buy a new set of wheels and then head to one of these great Boston bike trails for an afternoon under the sun.

  1. Jamaica Pond

Distance: 2.9 miles

Great for: Families, couples, and new cyclists

The easy ride around Jamaica Pond is fun for bikers at any skill level. The scenic ride takes you around the pond’s edge on a bike-specific path (avoid joining the walking trail) and through Olmsted Park. In the summertime, you may come across a free concert.

  1. Minuteman Bikeway

Distance: 11 miles one way

Great for: Adults, intermediate cyclists, and history buffs

Round trip, this journey is just over 20 miles, making it a great workout – and it’s a history lesson to boot. You’ll follow in the footsteps of the Revolution (hence the bikeway’s name) as you traverse a paved pathway through the woods along an old train track. The ride goes through Lexington and Arlington; you can get on the bikeway near the Alewife Station in Cambridge.

  1. Arnold Arboretum

Distance: 5 miles

Great for: Families, couples, and nature lovers

The Arnold Arboretum is the oldest public arboretum on the continent at more than 150 years old. The tree-filled property is owned by Harvard, and the paved bike path goes in a continuous 5-mile loop. You can extend your trek by hopping onto another nearby trail or stick to the 5-mile route and stop to smell the bonsai after your ride.

  1. Charles River Bike Path

Distance: 17 miles

Great for: Couples, out-of-towners, and extroverts

This people-packed route along the Charles takes you past many of the big-name Beantown sites. On top of water views, you’ll catch sight of the Museum of Science, Trinity Church, Boston University, and more. There are plenty of places to stop for lunch along the way.

  1. Stony Brook Reservation

Distance: 12 miles

Great for: Families, nature lovers, and introverts

Stony Brook Reservation is more than 400 acres and has a total of 12 miles of bike trails. The shortest trail is 2 miles, but you can explore more than one pathway. Stop to see the turtle pond and flora during water breaks.

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5 Great Boston Bike Rides