5 Bicycle Safety Tips

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July 28, 2017
5 Bicycle Safety Tips
5 Bicycle Safety Tips

Along with the enjoyment of cycling comes responsibility. In order to fully enjoy your beach cruiser in a safe manner, it’s imperative to be familiar with all traffic laws and cycling rules in your state. Here are five bicycle safety tips that will allow you to fully relish the cruiser bicycle online you purchased.

1. Right On

It is both generally illegal and unsafe to ride on a sidewalk or on the road towards oncoming traffic. As a general rule of thumb, ride in the direction of traffic and stay as far to the right as is practical. However, ensure that there is ample room between you and the curb so you do not run the risk of hitting it. If you have to pass another cyclist or make a left turn, be sure to wait for a safe opportunity to do so and utilize the proper hand signals.

2. Use Your Head

Regardless if you’re cruising around town on your sixthreezero EVRYjourney or participating in a marathon ride, it’s imperative that you always wear a helmet. Ensure that it fits correctly and is fastened properly. The helmet should fit snugly and not move when you shake your head.

3. Seeing Eye to Eye

Whenever possible, try to make eye contact with drivers. This guarantees that they see you. Once you make this “personal connection,” it reminds motorists that you are another human being on the road and in need of attention and protection.

4. Flaunt It

It’s imperative that you make your presence known, especially at nighttime. Wear brightly colored clothes. Make sure that all of your reflective lights on the front, sides, and rear of your bike are working properly. This is especially critical at night or in inclement weather.

5. Your Perfect Ride

In order to fully enjoy your bike, it’s important that it properly fits you. You should be able to reach the handlebars comfortably and touch the ground with your feet when standing over the seat.

Sixthreezero makes a plethora of top cruiser bikes on their bicycle online shop that will fit you perfectly. One of their most popular bikes for the city is the sixthreezero Around the Block . This casual and comfortable ride features a deluxe cushioned saddle seat and foam grips that provide you with the utmost comfort. The single gear design and coaster brakes make cruising around town a breeze.

Another popular bike that we manufacturer is the In the Barrel cruiser. The extended frame and forward pedaling design delivers a superiorly smooth ride.

If you want to fully enjoy your bicycle, it’s important to ride safely. It’s also a good idea to shop for a bicycle online that delivers maximum comfort and stability, just like the ones sixthreezero makes.

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5 Bicycle Safety Tips