5 Best Places To Ride Your Bike In Tampa

December 13, 2018
5 Best Places To Ride Your Bike In Tampa
5 Best Places To Ride Your Bike In Tampa

Ocean sports are in no short supply on the gulf coast, but land lovers aren’t left out in the cold. On the contrary, the bike trails in Tampa can easily tempt you out of the water. From short trails for newbies to long journeys meant for athletic legs, the Tampa area has plenty of places for you to get on two wheels and start exploring. Here are five trails to check out in Tampa:

  1. The Tampa Riverwalk

Distance: 2.6 miles

This paved trail is relatively new – the final stretch was completed in 2016. You’ll ride along the Hillsborough River and through Downtown Tampa. Despite being right in the heart of the city, this trail also offers up the chance to spot manatees and dolphins in the local waterways.

  1. Courtney Campbell Causeway Trail

Distance: 10.5 miles

This trail runs between Tampa and Clearwater, allowing you to cross the bridge between the two cities. While the wind can pick up along the journey, the challenge is worth it given the scenic rewards. You can also spot Skyway Park and Ben T. Davis Beach along the way.

  1. North Bay Trail

Distance: 6.3 miles

One thing you’ll quickly realize when bike riding in Tampa is that where one trail ends another one often picks up. Such is the case with this pathway. The North Bay Trail starts where the Pinellas Trail stops in St. Petersburg. It begins in downtown St. Petersburg and terminates at the Weedon Island Preserve. The trail can get fairly crowded on the south end, so plan on pedaling with your patience in tow. The views and location are worth it.

  1. Suncoast Trail

Distance: 41 miles

If you’re looking for a piece of wide open space, look no further. Just north of city limits, the Suncoast Trail runs from Hillsborough County to Hernando County. The side, paved trail hugs lush green landscape along much of the journey. You’re bound to see some wildlife while you cycle between counties.

  1. Upper Tampa Bay Trail

Distance: 7 miles

This intermediate trail is in the northwest corner of the county. Paved the entire way, the Upper Tampa Bay Trail passes Peterson Road Park and ends in Lutz. The trail is not as popular as some of the other local pathways, so it’s great for riders who want to enjoy a bit of space without drifting too far from the heart of Tampa.

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5 Best Places To Ride Your Bike In Tampa