5 Best Cycling Documentaries You Can Find On Netflix

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September 25, 2017
5 Best Cycling Documentaries You Can Find On Netflix

Few things keep a devoted cyclist from their daily ride except perhaps inclement weather or maybe a health issue. But for these unfortunate and rare moments, how can a devoted bike rider cater to the never-ending desire to hop on two wheels? If it’s snowing outside or if you’ve suffered an injury, we recommend relaxing back on the couch – or better yet, hopping on your trainer – and checking out these top five cycling documentaries that are currently streaming on Netflix: 

  1. Stop at Nothing: The Lance Armstrong Story (2014)

Back in 2007, Lance Armstrong was every cyclist’s hero. Yet, as this documentary covers, his quick downfall, years of lying about using drugs, and throwing all of his loved ones under the bus who dared suggest he cheated to win seven Tour de France titles, turns this flick into one of the most tragic documentaries that have currently been released.

  1. Personal Gold: An Underdog Story (2015)

Cycling is mainly a solitary sport, but this film is about teamwork. Not only after the cycling world was tarnished by the Lance Armstrong drug scandal, the United State’s women’s track cycling team competed in the 2012 Summer Olympics held in London. Working together, these four women beat the odds to bring home Olympic medals. It’s a truly inspiring tale for those who adore a good underdog bicycle film. 

  1. Inspired to Ride (2015)

This fascinating documentary follows the story of a group of bikers as they race in the first ever Trans Am Bike Race. They go head to head with a grueling 4,233 miles along the TransAmerica Trail. The film showcases how each athlete endures their own personal journey. If you love visually stunning movies, this film is for you as it displays the rugged beauty of the American landscape. 

  1. Pantani: The Accidental Death of a Cyclist (2014)

With a pirate-like persona, bald head, and trademark bandana, Marco Pantini was one of Italy’s most colorful professional cycling characters. He captured two grand tour titles in 1998. Yet his sudden death and battle with drug addiction rocked the professional cycling world. This engrossing cycling movie follows the life and death of one of the most beloved athletes of cycling.

  1. Bikes vs. Cars (2014)

This smart Swedish documentary follows the folks that are trying to make cycling popular in many cities around the world, as well as the powerful aversions that are working against them. It’s a must-see movie for any serious bike lover and one of the best cycling documentaries.

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