5 Beach Cruiser Bike Styles for a Laid Back Ride

May 17, 2021
5 Beach Cruiser Bike Styles for a Laid Back Ride
5 Beach Cruiser Bike Styles for a Laid Back Ride

If you are looking for bikes for leisure riding, a beach cruiser bike is certainly an excellent choice. These models come in colorful colors, have many options when it comes to gearing and tire size and are built for comfort and enjoyment. They are not necessarily designed for blazing speeds, but more for enjoying the sunshine and the warm temps on your way to the park or the beach.

Enjoying a Laid Back Bike Ride

If you are wondering what is a good bike for leisure riding, this article will help you in your quest. It all begins with a casual attitude and enjoying the moment. The idea of stress should melt away like an ice cube in the sun. Remember to dress comfortably in shorts and maybe a colorful t-shirt, some tennis shoes or even sandals and to bring your sunglasses. You can work up a sweat if you like, but it isn't required.

What is the best leisure bike? Well, that is a personal thing, but you will find many good options from Sixthreezero in the beach cruiser style. Here are 5 bikes built for enjoying some time by the waterside.

  1. AroundtheBlock 24" - With a choice of mint-green or teal-blue colors and gear options of 1, 3, 7, and 21, this model is an ideal starter bike. With upright handlebars, a comfortable saddle and 2" cruiser tires, this bike allows you to glide along a bike path without feeling the bumps and vibrations. The rear rack gives you the ability to carry a sweater if the evening turns cool. No matter what options you choose, the bike is made with quality components such as a steel frame and allow wheels.
  2. InTheBarrel FATTIRE - This classic style is simplicity at its finest: single-speed and matte-black color. The 4" wide fat tires give you a super smooth ride and enable you to go through patches of sand and over bumps on the bike path. While the bike isn't built for heavy-duty mountain biking, it still is perfect for uptempo rides when the mood strikes. Other features of this comfortable bike with just a trace of attitude include steel frame, coaster brakes, alloy wheels and Shimano cassette.
  3. AroundtheBlockCasual - With some eye-catching color options—coral, light-plum, teal-blue and mint-green—this women's casual bike features cruiser handlebars and a single-speed option ideal for flat, relaxing rides. While the curvy steel frame looks graceful and elegant, it still has the comfort features of an upright riding style, a dual spring seat and high-density foam grips. A chain guard prevents long pants from snagging. It is also available in a 7-speed option.
  4. AroundtheBlock NEW - This updated take on the classic beach cruiser, comes in three dazzling colors: brick-pool, olive-oat and steel-cloud. It features a low-maintenance design that takes comfort seriously. It is a nice choice for family rides to the beach or city park and it can handle a variety of terrains.
  5. Classic Beach Cruiser - The prototype for beach cruisers, this women's model has everything you would expect, with some well-chosen upgrades: upright handlebars, hand brakes, easy step-through frame, front and rear fenders and a comfortable dual-spring seat.  This bike is at home in many places, but nowhere more than at the beach.

Selecting Your Bike Basket

While many bikes for leisure riding come with their own rear racks, you still might want to consider a basket to carry more gear. Choose the style that is right for you and your bike with wire mesh and wicker styles. Consider your needs and pick a basket with the right carrying capacity. You will be able to ride safely and still have the items you need. Now is the time to shop online at Sixthreezero for all of your bike needs. 

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5 Beach Cruiser Bike Styles for a Laid Back Ride