3 Top Bicycle Adventures In Nevada On Your Cruiser Bike

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February 23, 2017
3 Top Bicycle Adventures In Nevada On Your Cruiser Bike
3 Top Bicycle Adventures In Nevada On Your Cruiser Bike

Nevada may be known for its gambling mecca of Las Vegas, and the biggest little city in the world, Reno, but it is also a great place to tour with your cruiser beach bike with gears. In fact, its many wide-open spaces and stunning vistas make it the perfect place to plan a biking excursion you won’t forget. Here are three of our favorites:

Red Rock Canyon

Just a stone’s throw (no pun intended) from Las Vegas, Red Rock Canyon’s massive sandstone cliffs and breathtaking flora and fauna make it the perfect destination for a bicycle adventure. Take your cruiser beach bikes on the 14.7-mile loop, which offers even experienced riders a great workout. This two-lane, one-way passage features steep undulating hills over the first five miles, then a precipitous but enthralling 1,000-foot drop back to the visitor’s center. Check out sixthreezero’s lineup of cruiser beach bikes.

Hoover Dam and Lake Mead

For sheer variety, perhaps no tour can outdo one to these two iconic sites, as well as through the desert that links them. Start your trip on the outskirts of Las Vegas, then bike your way through the stunning Mojave Desert on the way to Hoover Dam. While there, you’ll traverse high-altitude roadways with stunning views of the dam. Next, you’ll make the mostly downhill trip to nearby Lake Mead, where you will pass through five amazing tunnels. The road is mostly smooth gravel but gets more rustic as you approach the lake. Once through the last tunnel, the road becomes smoother and flatter, and you and your cruiser beach bike with gears will be able to bike at your own pace. Keep an eye out for bighorn sheep, red-tailed hawks, Gambel’s quail and desert tortoises. Take a tour of sixthreezero’s best cruiser beach bikes with gears.

Bootleg Canyon

For those with a hybrid city bike who are looking for a bit more of mountain-biking type of challenge, head to Bootleg Canyon just outside of Las Vegas. The meticulously kept natural paths here feature undulating hills and challenging turns to give any savvy biker a great workout. The canyon also is closed to all other traffic, from motorized vehicles to those with four hooves. That means you can concentrate solely on biking. However, when you can you should take a break and check out the scenery, which typically includes visits from coyotes, desert tortoises, tarantulas, whiptail lizards, owls, ravens and bighorn sheep. Sixthreezero has an amazing selection of hybrid city bikes.

The great thing about these tours is they can all begin and end in Las Vegas. All you need is a cruiser beach bike with gears. This allows you to get your heart racing in as many ways as you’d like, and giving equal credence to fresh air and ringing slot machines.

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3 Top Bicycle Adventures In Nevada On Your Cruiser Bike