3 Top Bicycle Adventures In California On Your Cruiser Bike

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February 13, 2017
3 Top Bicycle Adventures In California On Your Cruiser Bike
3 Top Bicycle Adventures In California On Your Cruiser Bike

Trying to choose just a few of the best bike tours in California is quite a challenge, with literally dozens making a strong argument for their inclusion. Based on their multiplicity of terrains, uniqueness in the world, and sheer, unbridled beauty, we recommend the ancient Redwoods of Northern California and its adjacent wineries, Palm Springs and neighboring Joshua Tree National Park, and the Southern California coastline. You’ll want to be comfortable and able to switch gears at times, so a beach cruiser with gears would excel.

Redwood National Park and Nearby Wineries

You can hear about the ancient Redwoods and even see pictures of them, but it isn’t until you witness them in person that you get a full appreciation of their majesty. Typically reaching more than a football-field in height and with a life span of about 2,000 years, these real-life giants are situated among soft, off-road passages and adjacent coastal bike paths that are hard to match for a biker seeking inspiration. In addition, the dozens of nearby wineries are the proverbial icing on the cake for your bike tour, making this a region you will never forget. While any number of bicycles would work well on this trip, 3 speed cruiser bicycles would excel on the variety of terrains and pathways you are bound to encounter. Check out sixthreezero’s options of speed cruiser bikes.

Palm Springs and Joshua Tree National Park

With their sheer desert beauty and unimaginable flatlands stretching out for miles around you, Palm Springs and Joshua Tree National Park are the perfect destination for a multi-day, leisure vacation bike tour. All you have to do is arrive with your simple cruiser bike and hit the road. Pedaling will be easy on this flat terrain, but remember to take lots of water. If you’re in the market for one, sixthreezero has a recreation cruiser bike just for you.

Southern California Coastline

From awe-inspiring rocky cliffs overlooking the mighty Pacific, to tranquil surfing beaches, Southern California is an unparalleled location for sea, sand, and cycling. You’ll want comfort and flexibility in your bike to deal with the changing landscape, so bring along that beach cruiser with gears and get to work on your tan. Check out sixthreezero’s lineup of these bikes.

So if you are a biking enthusiast, and are also inspired by natural beauty, why not plan all three of these trips with your favorite riding partner and trusty beach cruiser with gears?

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3 Top Bicycle Adventures In California On Your Cruiser Bike