2021 Best Electric Bikes for Commuters

April 22, 2021
2021 Best Electric Bikes for Commuters
2021 Best Electric Bikes for Commuters

These days, people are more and more frequently choosing to commute to work and around town via bicycle instead of automobile. It can be a great option if the situation is right. Electric bikes are making this possibility even more of a reality. Here are the basics for finding the best electric commuter bike for you.

Why Electric Bikes Are Great for Commuters

Ebikes are great for multiple types of riding. People love hopping on their eBike for relatively short commutes instead of the annoyance of navigating traffic by vehicle.

People enjoy their eBike commutes because they're:

  • Convenient: Imagine not having to search for a parking spot in a crowded lot every time you go somewhere. Ebikes are also more convenient than traditional bikes because you can travel further and on more challenging terrain without growing as tired. 
  • Cost-Effective: Ebikes may cost more than a conventional bike upfront, but you'll find it much more useful. You'll probably opt for it over the car more often than you expect. This will save on fuel and car maintenance costs. 
  • Environmentally Friendly: You'll feel good knowing that you're contributing to helping the environment by burning less fuel and reducing your carbon footprint. 
  • Healthy: An eBike's ease of use and versatility will cause you to use it more often and for longer trips than you would a traditional bike. Even though the motor will be assisting at times, you'll still be getting good exercise.  

Best Sixthreezero eBikes for Commuting

Sixthreezero makes all your day-to-day ventures easy and fun, no sweat required. Commuter bicycles are designed primarily for urban and suburban spaces, but they're versatile. Most importantly, you need a reliable and comfortable ride; sixthreezero eBikes are just that and then some. The following eBikes accommodate three riding styles: completely manual, pedal-assist or full-electric. It's perfect for long rides and hilly terrains you may not have dared to attempt on a conventional bike.

  • EVRYjourney 500W 7 Speed Electric Hybrid BicycleThe ergonomic frame reduces stress on your joints and offers maximum comfort as you ride in a natural, upright position. Full-electric mode provides a top speed of 20mph and a battery capability of about 20 miles. Pedal-assist will deliver up to 28mph and 20 - 40 miles of battery life. 
  • AroundtheBlock 500W 7 Speed Electric Cruiser BicycleThis eBike looks like a classic beach cruiser and is extremely comfortable during long rides. Its top speed is 15mph in full-electric mode, while pedal-assist will take you up to 28mph. The battery supports excursions of 18 - 40 miles on full-electric and 20 - 60 miles on the pedal-assist.

How To Choose the Right Bike for Your Commute

A good 250W eBike typically costs about $1,600 to $2,000, while a 500W eBike is approximately $1,800 to $2,300. Don't let the price scare you away, though; they're much more cost-effective than driving a car.

There are three classes of eBikes:

  • Class 1: The motor only functions while the pedals are pushed in pedal-assist mode. It can also be operated in full manual mode. Since these bikes run on pedal only or pedal-assist power, the battery holds a longer charge. The top speed is generally around 20mph.
  • Class 2: With an easily accessible throttle, you'll receive the immediate energy punch you need whenever you need it. The top speed in full-electric mode is typically around 15mph or 24mph with pedal-assist.  
  • Class 3: Reaching speeds up to 28mph, these eBikes usually have stricter riding laws such as age and helmet requirements.

There are commuter-specific ebikes that should suit your needs as a commuter more than other types of bikes.

One of your primary concerns when deciding if an eBike would be right for your commute is the distance and terrain. Hilly areas, wind and body weight can decrease battery life. With eBikes, a higher-capacity battery will provide outstanding efficiency and performance and allow for lengthier jaunts.

Are you ready to take your biking to the next level? Begin your quest for the best commuter eBike to suit your needs.

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2021 Best Electric Bikes for Commuters