2021 Beach Cruiser Buying Guide: Best Women's Cruiser Bikes at Sixthreezero

January 08, 2021
2021 Beach Cruiser Buying Guide: Best Women's Cruiser Bikes at Sixthreezero
2021 Beach Cruiser Buying Guide: Best Women's Cruiser Bikes at Sixthreezero

Are you in the market for a beach cruiser bike? These cool cycles are known for their fat tires that deliver a casual, pleasant ride, whether you're peddling around your neighborhood or enjoying the splendor of an oceanside bike lane. These simple, low-maintenance bikes are built without a suspension fork, designed to be ridden in a comfortable upright posture.

From the 1930s through the 1950s, bike couriers and newspaper carriers popularized the cruiser bike in the U.S. Over the last few years, this model has experienced a much-deserved resurgence for convenient around-town commuting and pleasant recreational rides. The even weight distribution on this type of bike reduces fatigue while the balloon tires keep you steady when surfaces get rough. 

Hop on this stylish, durable bike and go no matter what type of clothes you happen to be wearing, from a swimsuit to shorts to a summer dress. The smooth ride of the cruiser makes it a great bicycle for beginners, not to mention everyone else. Doing your research before making a purchase will help you find a bike you truly love. 

How To Choose a Women's Beach Cruiser at Sixthreezero

Choosing a bike that fits your body means you'll be able to ride it comfortably while reducing your chance of injury related to an uncomfortable position. In addition to size, other components to consider include:

  • Whether you prefer a single-speed or multi-speed beach cruiser. Single-speed makes sense if you plan to ride mostly on flat, paved surfaces with limited traffic. Multi-speed cruisers do well on longer rides with some uneven terrain.
  • Whether you're more comfortable with a coaster brake or handbrake. Coaster brakes eliminate stress to the hand while handbrakes offer a bit more control.
  • The ability to add accessories like a child seat or cargo basket. If you're lucky enough to live in a bike-friendly city, your cruiser bike can get you around town with ease whether you're dropping little ones at school or need a few groceries to go.
  • Whether you prefer a solid steel or aluminum frame. While steel is slightly more durable, aluminum's lighter weight may work better if you frequently have to carry your bike.

Beach cruisers are appropriate for riders who usually stick to paved surfaces or well-maintained rock or gravel trails. However, these bikes can't handle steep inclines and sharp obstacles, so you may want to consider a mountain bike if you plan to tackle rougher rides. 

Have a need for speed? The beach cruiser usually tops out at 15 to 20 mph, so consider a road bike if you plan on long distances at fast paces.

Sixthreezero Around the Block Women's 24" Seven Speed Beach Cruiser Bicycle with Rear Rack Teal Blue 

This seven-speed cycle provides a stable, secure ride that's ideal for beginners and anyone who wants a relaxed riding experience. Key features of this eye-catching teal blue bike include:

  • 2-inch semislick cruiser tires
  • A solid step-over frame designed for an easy mount with a low height
  • A rear rack so you can travel with cargo
  • A cushioned, comfortable single-spring saddle
  • Breathable synthetic leather hand grips that prevent sweating
  • Snap-on attachment points so you can seamlessly connect baby seats, trailers, racks, baskets and other customizable accessories

This bicycle is ideal for women who plan to ride up to 20 miles per trip at a speed of up to 15 miles per hour. The 24" size can fit individuals up to 5 feet, 2 inches tall. 

Sixthreezero Serenity Women's 26" Single Speed Beach Cruiser Bicycle Serenity

If you're a bit taller than 5'2", the single-speed Serenity comes in eight vibrant color choices. This 26" bike features:

  • Comfortable dual-spring seat that adjusts to your body
  • Ergonomic steel frame for easy step-through mounts
  • Front and rear fenders to protect you from water and mud splashes
  • 2-inch semislick cruiser tires that can tackle varied terrain, including trails, bike paths, beaches and paved city roads
  • Slip-resistant, durable synthetic leather cushioned grips
  • Snap-on passenger and gear attachment points for simple, smart customization
  • Smooth-gliding coaster brakes

The Serenity can handle speeds of up to 15 mph and distances of up to 15 miles, so you'll have a versatile commuter and recreational bike by your side. The adjustable frame can safely support riders between 5' and 6' tall and up to 300 pounds. We also recommend this bike for riders who tend to experience back pain.

Sixthreezero Around the Block Women's 24" Seven Speed Beach Cruiser Bicycle with Rear Rack Mint Green

Another 24" Around the Block option, this mint-green seven-speed stunner is now available for preorder. A stable starter bike built for adventure, it features the same impressive features of its teal blue counterpart, including:

  • Easy customization with snap-on points to accommodate cargo and passengers
  • Cool, comfortable synthetic leather grips that keep hands from sliding
  • A single-spring saddle for optimal comfort
  • An easy-mount stepover steel frame
  • Chunky semislick 2-inch cruiser tires

Choose the 24" size if you are 5'2" or shorter and plan to ride about 15 mph on trips of up to 20 miles. Selecting the correct size frame is necessary for the right fit. However, you can adjust other components of your beach cruiser bike to match your unique anatomy.

When you sit on the saddle and extend your lower leg as far as possible on the pedal, your knee should be slightly bent. You can also raise or lower the handlebars so your arms can comfortably reach them. Test drive the bike and make sure it feels good while you ride. Many beach cruiser fans report that this design stresses the back less than a traditional mountain, road or hybrid bicycle.

When you buy a bike from Sixthreezero, it ships to you free with limited assembly needed upon arrival. You can try out your new ride for up to 365 days with free return shipping if you're not happy with your cruiser for any reason. You can also upgrade to a lifetime warranty for just $19.99 when you purchase online. Shop our exceptional selection of beach cruisers for men and women today.

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