11 Of The Best Instagram Hashtags For Cyclists

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July 16, 2018
11 Of The Best Instagram Hashtags For Cyclists
11 Of The Best Instagram Hashtags For Cyclists

As you’ve looked around online in search of info related to biking, you may have come across a few bike-themed Instagram hashtags. Chances are good that you’ve seen some and not realized they were cyclists’ favorite hashtags.

So you can join in the bike rider’s fun, here are some of the top Instagram hashtags to include on your bicycle journey photos:

  1. #bikelife

Arguably the most popular hashtag having to do with cycling, #bikelife is attached to roughly 10 million Instagram posts at any given time. This hashtag is perfect for anyone who lives to ride and wants to share their adventures with the world.

  1. #cycling

Okay, #cycling isn’t’ the most creative hashtag out there, but it gets straight to the point. Tag your posts with #cycling when you want to gain follows, build community and just show your love for riding.

  1. #fitness

You’ll see tons of #fitness posts ranging from pictures of weightlifters to images of yoga postures. So couple your #fitness with a cycling-focused hashtag to fine-tune your message to riders. Using #fitness alone, however, is a perfectly good way to introduce the generally health-conscious person to the world of cycling.

  1. #baaw

This hashtag means, quite simply, “bike against a wall.” It’s used when you want to share a cool photo of your bicycle propped up against the wall (the easiest way to photograph it). Look for some fun architectural elements or color opps to include in these types of photos so they’re not too boring.

  1. #foreverbuttphotos

Pretty self-explanatory and unavoidable if you’ve ever ridden in a group (but hopefully you’re all pulled over when you snap the picture)

  1. #wymtm

“What you missed this morning” or #wymtm is a brag hashtag intended to make other riders jealous. It’s said to be coined by Wade Wallace, CyclingTips founder, back in 2008.

  1. #lightbro

Post this hashtag when your photo includes an impressive ray of light streaking through trees, clouds or whatever. Any photo in which light offers an unordinary amount of beauty is perfect for #lightbro.

  1. #roadporn

Cyclists get to see some pretty amazing scenery when out of the road, trail or even city street. Tag your magazine-worthy images with #roadporn and share the great views.

  1. #kitspiration

Made your own cycling kit that could inspire others to create something crafty? Include #kitspiration on your design so we can see it!

  1. #outsideisfree

The fact that we can get on our bikes and have a free journey to nearly anywhere, including some of the most gorgeous places on earth, gave rise to one of our favorite hashtags.

  1. #fromwhereiride

This hashtag may have started as a marketing campaign, but it has taken on a life of its own. #fromwhereiride is used by cyclists to share special moments from rides around where they live.


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11 Of The Best Instagram Hashtags For Cyclists