10 Reasons To Include Bike Riding In Your Fitness Routine

September 05, 2018
10 Reasons To Include Bike Riding In Your Fitness Routine
10 Reasons To Include Bike Riding In Your Fitness Routine

We all have a few pounds to lose from time to time, and getting creative with your workout has a lot of benefits. Switching up your routine challenges new muscles and improves your health. If you’ve been eyeing a new bike for your fitness routine – you’re a wise one. Bikes for adults have a ton of benefits. Here are just 10 reasons to start cycling toward your fitness goals:

  1. It’s Easier on Your Joints Than Running

As accomplished as it can feel to sprint stairs like your hero Rocky, biking is easier on your knees and other joints than running. If you want to have good knees and hips your whole life, cycling is the ticket.

  1. Biking Lowers Stress

The endorphins you get from biking lower your stress levels. Plus, you’ll enjoy the scenery along the way, which could reduce your stress on its own.

  1. Riding Builds Muscle

Bike riding works your glutes, quads and calves. You’ll enjoy lean muscle from your ankles to your butt when you become a cyclist! 

  1. You May Lower Your Risk of Heart Issues

One of the major health benefits of biking is building heart health. Biking gets your blood flowing and builds cardiovascular strength. 

  1. Biking Can Help You Avoid Cancer

One study from the University of Glasgow found that cyclists could be reducing their chances of developing cancer by as much as half. That’s a pretty big reason to get on a bike! 

  1. You’ll Sleep Better

You’re working so many muscles during a bike ride that your body will yearn for some hard-earned rest. This often leads to better sleep.

  1. Bike Riding Can Improve Your Navigation Skills

If you’ve never been one to know east from west instinctually, biking can help. Some of the best bikes for males and females have room for accessories like a GPS – but over time you won’t need it as your bike routes help you memorize your city. 

  1. You’ll Meet New People

The biking community is very social. Adding bike riding to your fitness routine can lead to joining a biking club or partaking in cycling charity events, which gives you the chance to make friends.

  1. Biking Offers Intense Calorie Burn

Bike riding doesn’t just burn calories while you’re riding. You’ll continue to burn more calories for hours after you are back on two feet.

  1. It’s the Best Way Explore a New City

Whether you moved to a new city or you’re just on vacation, biking is a fast, affordable, and environmentally friendly way to explore.

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